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Every salesperson hopes to make potential customers become the existing ones, then the regular, at last, the core.

Napoleon said that he who doesn’t want to be a general is not a good soldier. In my opinion, the salesperson who doesn’t want to develop a customer into a regular customer is not a good salesperson.

There is an issue involved here, that is, “loyalty”.

Why will customers choose you? Why do customers cooperate with you for a long time? For achieving these, unilateral action is not enough. In other words, it is not a problem that can be solved only by salespeople’s efforts. It is also related to “interaction”. Here are ten tips. They can help salespeople develop new customers and maintain regular customers to build mutual “loyalty”.

Tips 1: Communication with customers

Foreign businessmen often like to say the word communication. They often say good communication, indicating that they are satisfied with the negotiations. This does not refer to the negotiation itself, but to the satisfaction of its outcomes. Those outcomes meet their requirements and objectives.

In order to win orders, salespeople must make both parties trust each other by communication.

Communication is not equal to negotiation. Negotiation is only part of communication to some extent. At ordinary times, you offer quotations, introduce the company and products, greet or send cards at the time of the festival to customers. All of these belong to the category of communication. The point is to let customers know that you have always put him in the heart and care about him. In this way, customers will feel warm. For example, people prefer the five-star hotel, not just because of its excellent facility but the good service as well.

For following up customers, communication should continue throughout. In this way, the business and the relationship between each other can last for a long time.

All you have to do is make customers think you’re a nice guy. The word Nice guy is widely used in the United States. But it’s only when Americans think you’re really good that they use it to describe you!

Tips 2: Interaction with customers

It is true that communication comes first, but interaction is needed after communication. If there lacks interaction, it means that communication is not perfect, and there are still many problems.

What is the purpose of writing development letters, quotations, and telephone calls? In the near future, you hope to get feedback from customers; then keep progress on projects and negotiations. In the long run, you try to get orders. And then you want to develop those customers into regular customers and big customers.

Interaction is a vital link and an essential part of following up customers. If there is no progress, many people give up and turn to look for new opportunities. There is no problem with this action. But the preliminary work for this customer is all in vain, even giving a blow to confidence.

Therefore, salespeople must pay attention to interaction. You cannot wait passively for customers’ response after development or quotation. You must take the initiative to understand the real needs of customers and conquer our customers with professional skills and good service.

Once there are many contacts, the two sides sometimes will discuss new projects, exchange views on details, and communicate information on the products. In this way, the relationship between them is getting closer.

To close the relationship with customers and gradually build loyalty, interaction is essential.

Tips 3: Profession

The profession is not only proficient in exhibits and industries, but also a good opportunity to show individual abilities and charm.

If customers think you are professional enough, they will have a good impression of your company. Then, many things will be easier to talk about. As long as you can keep interacting, cooperation will not be far away. You can build loyalty gradually only if there is cooperation.

Tips 4: Integrity

Integrity is the foundation for gaining the trust of customers.

You should try your best to complete the thing you promise. Even if you can’t do it, you still should bear the responsibility. Everyone will make mistakes. As long as it is not a principled error, customers will understand.

There is nothing wrong to use some tricks in business. There are also deceit and dishonesty in the negotiations, but it is significant to have a bottom line.

In the foreign trade industry, to make customers loyal, you can never discard integrity! Not at all!

Tips 5: Product

Doing business cannot be talked about without products. At present, China’s export industry is still based on products or raw materials, which are concrete. Abstract things, such as service, are relatively few.

In my opinion, “products” in a broad sense refer to what salespeople sell, whether tangible or intangible.

You must be knowledgeable and proficient in your products. If customers know the product better than you, how can he work with you at ease?

It would be better if the product has a selling point that is particularly suitable for customers’ market, or there is a unique place that is not easily copied.

Tips 6: Ability

Ability includes two aspects: the ability of the company and the ability of the individual.

The company’s history, factories, large sample rooms, cooperation with large buyers, and the flexibility to accept a variety of payment methods are the embodiment of the company’s ability.

In some European countries, customers like the “long-established brand” in particular. If your company has a history of decades or a hundred years, it is necessary to highlight this powerful advantage. It can attract a lot of customers.

Personal ability refers to the business ability and the quality of integrity.

When the company and the individual ability both reach a certain extent, they will produce a strong chemical effect. This will make one plus one far more than two.

Tips 7: Price

For making existing customers become regular, price is one of the inevitable issues. The price should not be not as low as possible, but be reasonable and stable.

Especially for some big customers, they need constant prices. For example, the one-year validity period of the quotation allows customers to make decisions serenely. Then they can arrange the procurement plan according to the annual sales situation. If they plan to promote, they can add emergency orders without arguing about a price for each order.

Therefore, the price issue is often the embodiment of a company’s ability. Factories control the management cost and all kinds of budget; trading companies control the quotation of the cooperative factory and the downstream supplier; both of these reflect the ability of them.

Tips 8: Memory

This is an essential requirement for salespeople. Salespeople must clearly remember the process and details of negotiating with customers, such as how they first came into contact, what they talked about at that time, what preferences and requirements the customer had, etc. If you cannot accurately remember, you need to record them in full detail by notes. So, you can use the records to evoke the original memories when you follow up.

Customers will meet a large number of suppliers, so they often have little impression of you. If you can provide some details to remind them of the conversation with you, it will bring each other closer and move the negotiations forward.

Suppose one day, when you meet a customer who has met at another exhibition before, and you can recall the content of the conversation at that time, he will have a good impression of you.

Tips 9: Flexibility

In foreign trade, salespeople cannot be rigidly limited to existing products, quality, payment methods, current company regulations, etc. As long as there are no principled issues, everything should be negotiable and flexible.

This is often demanding for salespeople. You should be flexible in thinking. You need to tailor different solutions according to the customer’s requirements. Salespeople should also provide various products and services for different customers and different markets. And you can give them professional and useful advice.

For instance, even if your product is good with first-class quality, but the price is several times higher than the customers’ budget, they will certainly not consider you. Why can’t you make some changes to the plan and find ways to reduce various costs to meet the customer’s requirements?

Then, it comes to the payment method. Many suppliers insist T/T in advance with a 30% deposit. This is protection for suppliers, but customers will not accept it. In this case, customers will bear all the risks. And this is entirely inconsistent with Western “equal” business practices. Salespeople actually can discuss with the boss to make the payment more flexible. L/C or collecting the balance with a copy of B/L can effectively solve such problems. Don’t answer this question with answers like This is policy, which will make you lose many opportunities.

 Tips 10: After-sale service for customers

Every salesperson knows the after-sales service. But I believe that 90% of suppliers will not do this. Because of foreign merchants bargain and peer competition, many orders cannot contain high profits at the beginning. This means that after-sales service starts to shrink, and even there is no after-sales service at all.

However, the best factory can’t guarantee that its products are 100% perfect. If suppliers are indifferent to the problems, how can they make small customers into the big, then into the regular? It is impossible.

Therefore, salespeople should not only be professional, have a good sense of service, but also have a strong sense of crisis management. You should be able to foresight possible problems and their coping strategies. In that way, when things happen, you won’t act with confusion.

Building customer loyalty is the most challenging. This often reflects the overall ability of a business person. Taking the top 10 tips into account, you can greatly enhance customers’ loyalty.


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