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Salesmen have chances to face and communicate with buyers directly through the exhibition. But their opportunities to take part in the exhibitions every year are limited, so most of their time will be spent on other fields. Experienced salesmen usually have stable customers. Hence, it is enough for them to attend several exhibitions a year. But for novices, the development of their customer bases is a crucial issue. Those novices attend the exhibition once or twice a year but only act as assistants for the old salesmen and the supervisors, or do not have the opportunity to attend the exhibition for the time being, which makes the development more difficult. In this case, novices only can put more energy on the Internet, such as the Google search engine.

You must smile when you read here because you may have experienced or been experiencing this process. Developing a business is not easy. You must overcome cultural and linguistic differences. How hard it is! You can’t know it until you’ve experienced it.

Whether looking for a customer through B2B (Business To Business) or a search engine, you can gain a lot as long as you devote yourself to it. Only when you get the customer’s contact information can you move on to the next step, or else your development will stop at the beginning. Anyhow, developing a customer aims at “developing”, but B2B gives people a feeling of waiting for the windfall, which is less cheerful than active strike.

Undoubtedly, Google is the most widely used and visited one among the present search engines. However, many salesmen say that Google is useless because it often shows B2B websites and advertisements, or a pile of information on competitors. If you nod here, it means that you didn’t put Google to good use and have no idea of its secrets. Actually, a little trick will make the results very different. A simple summary of the methods of using Google will be shown here and I hope that it can give you new experience and inspiration so that you will not feel confused and helpless when you carry out the work.

Tip 1: Use keywords combination skillfully

It is universally acknowledged that keywords are the words used to search for your own products on Google. For example, if you are making promotional gifts, you usually search for “promotional gifts” directly. There is nothing wrong with this, and you can find a lot of potential customers’ websites. But, if you change the keyword, considering that a Chinese word may have various English expressions, the search result will be completely different.

However, it is not enough, because you will get a lot of websites without any mailboxes. Once you enter the “Contact” page, you need to fill in the form, which is disturbing and a waste of time. At this time, you need to use the keywords combination flexibly. For example, public mailbox domain names, like Hotmail, Yahoo, CML, AOL, have a large number of users, in which you can find your target customers. If you search for promotional gifts @hotmail.com or promotional gifts @gmail .com, etc., you will get a more accurate result.

These four are the most common public mailboxes. In that case, will there be common public mailboxes in the regional market? For example, Chinese use 163 (Netease), Sohu (Sohu), QQ (Tencent), Sina (Sina) and so on, will Japanese, Koreans, and Europeans use common general mailbox suffixes of different regions? Of course! For instance, many people use @ yahoo. co. jp in Japan, @ netvigator. com in China Hong Kong, @ comcast. net in the United States, @ t-online. de in Germany, @ caron. se in Sweden, @ westnet. com. au in Australia, @ excite. com in France, and so on. You need to use them in keywords combination when you search in Google.

As long as you can find these, then combining with the keyword, with a variety of search methods, you can get a large amount of information and target customers for your screening.

Tip 2: Make good use of Google Search Engines of different countries

Using a search engine must adapt to local conditions. If you want to develop the UK market, your search for keywords in google.com is apparently not as good as in google.co.uk, because, the local search engine of Google is sure to match local customer mostly in the different regional markets.

Here are Google URLs of some countries:

US: www.google.com

UK: www.google.co.uk

Germany: www.google.de

France: www.google.fr

Japan: www.google.co.jp

Italy: www.google.it

Netherlands: www.google.nl

Switzerland: www.google.ch

Canada: www.google.ca

Australia: www.google.com.au

It’s also important to note that when using a local Google URL search, you’d better choose a local language. As for the keywords, you can try to search in English first and then search in the local language that you will get more results.

It is not a big problem if you don’t understand French, Japanese, German, Italian, etc. Google also has a critical translation tool that can translate English or Chinese into the language you want. When you use the translated keywords to enter the potential customer’s website, you will find the customer’s contact information as long as you know where Contact Us is.

Tip 3: Effective site positioning

Google has a powerful site function that can limit search coverage to specific sites. If you are looking for customers’ websites who is searching for promotional gifts, in the condition that you are going to develop the UK market recently, you only need to find websites of the UK. At this time, you need to use the site function.

Methods as below:

If you type the site “UK promotional gifts” in Google’s search bar, you will get the local British websites all ending with “uk“, which has narrowed the search scope automatically. If you match it with the keyword combination, it will be more accurate. However, you should pay attention to that “:” after the site must be an English mark, and there must be no spaces after “:”.

You can also combine the previous two techniques with the site here. Here is an example. First, getting into Google’s French site www.google.fr, you will find that there is a “‘Google.fr’ in the following language: Francais”, and then click “francais”, which is to confirm the use of Google France station in the French environment.

By means of translation tools, we learn that the French language for promotional gifts is cadeaux promotionnels. Then we can combine the skill 1, 2, 3, and start searching for the site: fr cadeaux promotionnels @ excite. com. Guess what will happen? Many target customers have begun to show up.

Of course, sometimes it is too precise to get complete information. Therefore, a couple of skills have to be combined or used alone. Briefly, it is necessary to be flexible to discover problems that have never been found in the past.

Here comes another problem. Since the site is so useful, is there any other similar way? The answer is yes! The following two types are also used widely, and the skills are similar. One is intitle, which can limit the search to a specific page title; the other is inurl, which is to confine the search to the URL link.

All of these things need to be tried and explored to maximizing the role of Google.

Tip 4: Using Google in an unusual way

This technique is different from the above three. It is not a specific experience teaching, but a methodology. Most of the peers are using search engines; thus many of the conventional methods have been used. So, you need to use them in an unusual way.

When using a search engine, you should learn to search without common sense. While others may search for promotional gifts, you can search for buy promotional gifts, purchase promotional gifts, sell promotional gifts, supply promotional gifts, promotional gifts supplier, promotional gifts vendor, interested in promotional gifts, promotional gifts manufacturer, etc. You can search separately, or with the combination of the previous three skills. Like in the garment industry, designers always emphasize mashups because mashups often bring different inspiration and beauty.

You shouldn’t only look for those who buy promotional gifts. The people who are selling promotional gifts also can be your target customers. If they are overseas and need to import many things, there is a possibility of cooperation.

Therefore, thinking should be like flowing water, changing according to different situations, so that breakthroughs can be achieved.

The above four techniques are often used in my first-line sales work and bring me a lot of fruits. My biggest customers at that time were also developed by the tool of Google. But search engines are not only Google, but also Yahoo, MSN, Bing, and so on. Each of them has its characteristics and needs to be explored seriously.

All in all, the search engine is a mountain with treasures that need to be explored and dug. Wealth is often buried deep. You won’t have much gain if you only shovel twice. You must spend patience and time, with luck and skill, so that you can get your harvest.

Since you have entered this mountain, you should come back with something! What do you think?



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