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Previously, we have talked about four tips for attending the exhibition. The following are the remained three tips.

Tip 5: Arranging the booth of the exhibition meticulously

The layout of the booth in the exhibition is vital. Customers have to visit many pavilions to see hundreds of booths in a few days. They do not have much time for each booth. All you have to do is to attract buyers’ attention, let them stop and look at your products, or even come in to negotiate. If the company does not has its own color, it is better to use eye-catching colors, such as red, yellow and green. These particularly distinctive colors would create a strong visual impact with unexpected effects. Try to avoid neutral colors such as gray and white, which are easy to blend into the background.

To attract consumers, besides products and decoration of the exhibition, you need a “feel”, which cannot be told clearly. Buyers who often go to the show would have a deep understanding of it. They know which type of booth they should go at a glance. This feeling can be understood as a feature pleasing to look at. But its real core is “specialization”, which could give a feeling of professional instantly.

In the booth, whether big or small, you must set a dominant position to show the main products of your company, such as new designs, new styles, new packaging, etc. The most remarkable products deserve the most eye-catching areas. These areas should not be too high or too low with the consideration of the customer’s sight. For example, in the supermarket, the second and third rows from the top are usually the best positions which are parallel with our sight. It is more convenient for us to see and take things, and easy to stir up our desire to buy. It is the same when it comes to the booth.

For instance, in the exhibition, I sold outdoor supplies: outdoor camping supplies and outdoor lighting. Many camping supplies were tents and sleeping bags. They were too big to bring, so I only picked two of them. The rest was displayed in the form of photos on the wall of the booth, which could be seen when people were passing by.

As for lighting, I classified them in the light of the size. All the small ones were on the left while all the medium and large ones on the right. The middle area was for the display of the latest camping lights, beneath which were sorts of packaging for these lights, such as color box, double blister, PDQ. I used a spotlight to shoot light from above and put light strips on them, which makes them look good. At least people passing by can see them at once. In Cologne, Germany, I signed seven customers in a row with these lamps because of the layout of the booth.

Also, you should place the business cards and samples in a conspicuous place that customers can read and take them when passing by.

Promotional brochures such as roll-ups, if there is any space, should be put on the booth to let customers know your company.

Tip 6: choosing proper samples for the exhibition

The foremost thing in the exhibition is the sample. When customers have no idea of a company, the first thing they look is the products on the shelf. Even with the well-decorated booth and the reasonable layout, the customer still shakes his head if the product is unremarkable. Whether a factory or a trading company, the products must give customers a professional feeling.

I am a buyer. I go to many exhibitions every year to judge whether a supplier is an expert in a certain kind of product. The first thing I noted was whether his samples formed a series.

For example, in April last year, I was looking for a supplier of garden scissors at an exhibition. There was a supplier with a lot of scissors, packaging, and color, but it looked messy at first glance, so it was difficult to attract me. Nevertheless, another one is quite different. All the samples are in two colors, the green ones for the low-end market, and the yellow ones for the mid-to-high end market. The paper card was also in two colors, giving a strong visual impact. It is obvious that this supplier had prepared carefully. Although it is a small booth, the two layouts are clear, so that customers can see what they are producing at a glance and leave a good first impression on the customer.

The displayed samples should be new because the color of old samples and packagings is not as bright as the new, especially those of blister packaging. When the blister is placed for a long time, it is easy to become yellow that will seriously affect the appearance. No one will like dirty samples, so you ought to keep the samples clean and tidy.

Before going to the exhibition, there is one last job, which is to test the samples. You must ensure that all exhibited samples are intact. If they are appliances or other functional products, you need to check their functionality. If there are built-in batteries, you must charge the battery fully beforehand. When the customer was making a choice, you could show your products.

Once I was going to find fans for an importer in the United States, I saw a lot of suitable styles at a booth. After I knew the factory was in Guangdong, I immediately became interested. I took photos, asked the specific parameters plus the price, and I feel pretty good. When I left, I suddenly wanted to try out a few fans. Consequently, several of the fans I saw were not moving after plugged in power. In this way, I lost my confidence in this company, and I gave the order to another company.

Accordingly, the sample is a matter of great account. Samples reflect the products and capabilities of your company. If your samples have problems, customers will naturally not be optimistic about your company’s products. After samples are accomplished, you must carry out the test. Before the beginning of the exhibition, you need to do another careful inspection to ensure that they are intact before display because samples represent the image of the company!

Tip 7: Diligently preparing business cards

The six techniques mentioned above contain most of the details that the participators of the exhibition need to pay attention to. The last point here is the printing of business cards. Good design will leave a good impression. Hence, the making of business cards cannot be sloppy; otherwise, it will give the customer a bad feeling.

The first thing is about the material. I have carefully studied the business cards of European and American customers of the exhibition. Those papers are thicker, and the weight is designated. The company name or LOGO was highlighted with colors to make the business card look less monotonous. And some are printed with a bumpy feel, which feels good to touch. There is also a kind of the thinner one, similar to a plastic sheet which is not easily damaged. Its purpose is to make customers to keep them for a longer time. If the card is fragile, or the ink falls off quickly, the enthusiasm of customers will naturally be lower.

There is also a folio business card. If customers put this business card into the business card book, it looks the same as the ordinary one. But when they opened those cards, the company’s product profiles and advantages, even the certificate or third-party inspection, will appear on them. It will highlight the profession and advantages. If you target the European market, you can also put European regulations and recommendations such as CE, ROHS, GS, REACH on it. If you pass a third-party audit, you can also add “Factory was audited by SGS/BV/ITS”.

In terms of text, I recommend using both traditional Chinese characters and English on the business card. The reason for using English is easy to understand. Yet, according to experience, Chinese compatriots on the mainland can understand traditional Chinese characters. But many Hong Kong, Taiwan, and overseas Chinese feel challenging to read simplified Chinese characters. Therefore, using both traditional Chinese and English on the business card is relatively appropriate.

As for the font, the Chinese should use Song or New Song. And the English can adjust appropriately in Anal, Calibri, Time New Roman, Verdana or other fonts. Then you can design the character spacing and size appropriately. The company name or LOGO can be a little fancy and use some eye-catching colors for an embellishment.

A friend once asked me whether he should write a mobile phone number or chat tools on his business card. I have consulted several German friends on this issue. I got the answers that the mobile number can appear on the business card, but the chat tool information should not, because the cards should be formal. Some customers even think that the phone number should appear neither. Then I check some cards I received previously. Most of them only have an office landline in that foreigners have a clear distinction between public and private. Mobile phones and chat tools are for private purposes, so they will not print them on business cards.

The email address on the business card should be a corporate email address that matches the company name. If you don’t have a corporate email, you can use Hotmail, AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, or other international mailboxes. You should not use simple domestic mailboxes as you can. Otherwise, it will give people an informal feeling, and many e-mails may be put into the trash directly.

The last thing to notice is the title, etc. Generally speaking, exhibitors who exchange business cards mainly with foreigners in the exhibition are usually sales employees. So the position on the business card must be accurate so that the customer can know what the person is doing.

I have discussed the title issue with many senior executives in the United States. Although there are many different expressions, the following types are used more by business people in Europe and America :

Sales(Merchandiser), Sales assistant(Assistant Merchandiser), Sales Manager(Marketing Manager or Director), Sales Director(Marketing Director), VP(Sales& Marketing), General Manager(Managing Director).

Although it is just a small business card, there is a great knowledge in it. You can’t ignore any details, because, in many cases, a small leak will sink a great ship.



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