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Procurement Support Services

Procurement Support Services is not fee-based services. When our member place purchasing order to us, our execution process as follow. We recommend this process to let our member know each step to avoid mistake which could may cause loss.
We want to maintain our quality of service, so those services only open for our members.

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Amazon Sourcing Services

Amazon and eBay become the biggest potential market. We offer complete Amazon Sourcing services, such as FBA prepared, product photography, repacking, labeling, and so on. If you have any specific needs, we also will provide services tailored to your needs.

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Free Inspection Services

We provide free inspection services, which order amount over USD 5000. Inspection is independently conducted by professional third-party service providers, who will visit the manufacturing facilities to randomly check products, against order specifications and issue detailed industry standard reports with pictures and their findings. Ideally suited for higher value orders, with a focus on greater certainty On product quality.

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Customize Business Brochure

Good product brochures can have a very good impact on customers. Product brochures with rich detailed products, good appearance, and accurate prices are very helpful for customer negotiations and can help customers to build confidence in our company. So we electronica all of our products and supported custom product brochures and updated prices on the web in real time.

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