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Extripod Company Overview

Keywords: Medical device, food package, housing and living, safety protection equipment


Wuhan Extripod E-COMMERCE CO., LTD is an export-oriented service company specializing in providing foreign trade procurement services. We are committed to providing complete product solutions that help improve the quality of life in various independent scenes. The four main solutions are personal medical device solutions, food packaging solutions, workplace safety protection solutions, and residential building materials solutions.

In environmental protection and personal food safety, we advocate the use of new environmentally friendly packaging materials that are biodegradable and compostable. We strictly control the qualification of suppliers, production quality, and strictly follow environmental protection standards to provide our customers with sustainable food packaging solutions according to different food packaging usage scenes.

In the aspect of personal safety, for the diversity and complexity of safety protection scenes, we promote the use of a more detailed product system of safety protection to ensure personal safety. By studying the differences of various safety scenes, we work out the solutions of different safety application scenes strictly according to the relevant standards. At the same time, we strictly control quality and supply chain efficiency to provide customers with cost-effective safety protection solutions.

In terms of personal health, the diversity and complexity of the disease result in a high degree of professionalism in medical devices, which makes it difficult for the general public to use basic medical devices on their own. We offer simple, easy-to-operate basic personal medical protection devices that individuals can use, and hope to achieve the role of prevention, monitoring and auxiliary recovery through personal medical protection device solutions. We deeply study the personal care medical devices of common diseases, strictly follow the relevant medical standards, control the supply of production quality, and provide personal medical equipment solutions. Examples include Diabetes Medical Solutions, Hypertension Medical Solutions, Personal Care Medical Solutions, Physiological Protection Solutions, Rehabilitation Auxiliary Protection Solutions, etc.

In housing and living, we advocate to use environmentally friendly, non-toxic, recyclable materials to create a living environment that is more suitable for long-term development. Therefore, we strictly select product materials and integrate the supply chain to give professional home life solutions.

The Mode of Service

Through years of development, Extripod has formed its own mode of industry and service, which we call “24X model”.

What is 24X ?

2 represents the two modes of business services we offer: export procurement services (wholesale support) and retail support services(Amazon procurement support);

Purchase Support Services:We have many years of experience in foreign trade service. Based on our practice and China’s huge industrial manufacturing advantages, we can provide professional foreign trade procurement services. It includes customization of product manuals, online product databases, product solutions, inspection services, and customer tracking services. Our round-the-clock foreign trade support team and service team familiar with all kinds of products will help you monitor and complete your procurement.

Amazon Sourcing Services:We have abundant Amazon experience, and run our Amazon stores in the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Australia. We are familiar with the entire process of Amazon from supply to launch. We can help you purchase the right products in China and provide the whole procurement, quality inspection, and logistics services until the procurement process is completed. Please check the link for details.

The four main solutions we provide are personal medical device solutions, food packaging solutions, workplace safety protection solutions, and residential building materials solutions. We try to improve the level of environmental protection and personal food safety, personal working safety, personal health, in order to provide comprehensive protection and safeguard in various independent scenes.

By analyzing the specific scenes of each industry, we devote ourselves to create more detailed use scenes and provide complete product solutions in these four industries.

According to the four industry scenes we choose, we provide more detailed product solutions for different use scenes, such as construction industry protection solutions, food packing solutions, etc.

With the “24x model”, we provide customers with professional foreign trade solutions to help them build business advantages and product reputation in the target market. Moreover, we will help customers choose products with appropriate solutions and make stable and acceptable product solutions in their markets.

Our Business Beliefs

More Professional, more Future
Profession makes business longer, work makes life happier.
Profession improve work, work lighten life.

Our Vision:
To Be Best Business Partner!
To Be Best Supplier!
To Be Best Business Partner in international trade industry!

Our Mission:
Study specific work scenes deeply, and provide complete product solutions.
Improve the efficiency of the supply chain and provide competitive high-performance product line.
Adhere to optimize trade services, and provide efficient trade supply chain support services.

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