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Hello, everyone. This is Gary,i am a persevere import and export trade manager. Welcome back to our channel. This is our quotation video series. We will quickly browse through our products price. I do not want to introduce products details within this series, like the specification, standards, advantages, and materials like that. If I do that, this series may need several hours. For products details, I will use other video series to introduce the those. I hope we can finish this series within 10 mins.

The quotation video background has all the necessary elements the same as an official quotation sheet. If you are a professional purchaser, with one glance, you can find all the needed information. Each product will stop about 5-10 seconds. Only if it has a significant change, I will stop to explain that. Like special offer or price trends.

If you think I am too fast, you can stop the video and check the background. And When we upload this video, we also post all image and contents on our websites. So you can check the below link to see the article. Or visit our website to check this post. If you have a question, welcome to email us.

This series video will update once per month. So if you want to know hundreds of products real-time price within 10 min, subscribe to our channel, do not miss any price update. Our quotation contents will help your work if you work in the medical industry or trade business. Your subscription will significantly encourage us.

Of course, if you can purchase those products from my side, that will be the best help. We can discuss

OK, let start. The first part is the nonwoven products series. You can check my background. All products are here. Let’s check them one by one.

This first one, a three-ply nonwoven face mask, everyone knows, the three-ply face mask demands increase too much due to the covid-19, at the beginning of 2020, the face mask price jump to the sky, but right now the price back to the same level as before the covid-19. For this product, we provide a “special offer”. Check this one. This special offer from my clients requirement,this type face maskhas good sell at developing countries, like Indian, Saudi. Use 90% BEF melt blown filter and reduce a little weight for outside ply. BEF 90% can protect you very well when you outside. The lightweight material also helps to control the cost. Please, this is not a medical mask, just daily protective mask.

This is lowest price and can work well. If you are interesting, contact us. The remaining are the standard face mask, civil level, type II and type IIR. You can check those price and package detail.

OK, check the second items. The second one is the KN95 mask.

The KN95 mask price keeps on this level for more than five months, and right now, the price is close to the raw material cost, so it is time to start placing an order, price stable.

Then that’s the FFP2 mask. You can see that we can provide the standard FFP2 mask and the cup style FFP2 mask and small size, suitable for Kids face size. Also, we provide Earloop FFP2. They are the same shape as KN95, but specification according to a different standard. We have some products video on our channel. You can check that.

FFP3 mask, we only have one style, with the CE certifications. They are totalling under the European market requirement.

The next item is a stripped cap or mob cap, or clip cap. This price is also stable. We provide the 18″ and 21″ in general use with a single rubber band. We also offer a “Special Offer” We have some stock at this clip cap, but they are a green colour. Total about 1700 cartons stock, if you are interested in this stock, message me, we can discuss.

OK, the next one is the Round cap, the price no changes keep as before. This price is higher than a clip cap. But the material is strong than the clip cap. This means, can use it for a whole day and do not worry about broken. We provide different fabric weights.

Next shoe cover, we can supply the four material shoe cover, PE, CPE, PP and PP+PE material, due to shoe cover can fully customize, like size, colour, rubber, package, printing, anti-slip or not. We list the fast sell specifications, the price for your reference, Youcanbooking your specification.

PP isolation gown; we list a different weight for PP raw material, but fast sell is 25 gsm and 30 gsm. Please know, thsi typePP isolation gown can not use in surgical or medical place. Those only can be used for low-risk or non-risk areas, which is not medical level.

PP+PE isolation gown. Those are the medical usage isolation gown. We can provide a level 1 to level 4 isolation gown. Level 3 or level 4 recommend using to help defend the COVID-19, ware thisoutside the coverall or protective suit.

SMMS surgical gown has the same function as PP+PE surgical gown, but SMMS more comfortable and expensive.Check the details.

CPE apron, cheaper than before. Small packages can load more than isolation gowns.

In the nonwoven series, coverall this final one. You can see those with different specification used for different levels, like Type 6 to Type 3. You can check these quotation details.

OK, the nonwoven series finished,

Let check the glove series.

The first glove that’s nitrile glove, nitrile glove, met booming demand in 2020. Even right now, The wholesale price increased several times. But right now, the nitrile glove price starts to go down. So if you can wait for several months, I think at the time, the price will be more acceptable. Let wait for the nitrile glove back to an average level.

Vinyl Gloves, the price trends also decreasing, we think in July. The price will back as before. I will keep update the price, if you can subscript our channel, you will know that at the first time.

The final one is PE gloves. The lightest weight we can produce is 0.45 gram per pieces due to thickness, making only one size. We have listed the different weight for PE Glove. The PE glove weight from 1.2-0.6 gram per piece is usually weight. For more detail, please message me.

OK, let check our blood tube series. Blood tube the price stable. No big changes. I will make other videos to explain the blood tube colour, classification, use scenes and order of use. Right now, we just quick to check the price.

For all blood tube, we provide two materials, PET material and glass material. You can see the price difference. OK, let check at the price and detail.  We do not have enough time.

The first one, Plain tube, the detail you can see. Price, package, how many loading like that.

Next one, clot activator tube. The price almost the same as the plain tube.

Next one EDTA K2/K3 blood tube. Then heparin sodium blood collection tube with a green head.

Right now, it is a PT blood collection tube with, light blue head.

Glucose blood collection tube with a grey head.

OK ESR tube, blackhead.

This is a slender ESR tube. Only with one material, glass material.

Gel+clot activator, This is yellow head.

Right now, it is some accessories when using the blood collection tube. The first one, the needle, only have one specification but can use for a different needle

This is Pen type needles

OK butterfly needle, use for draw your blood from your arm, with different colour which matches with difference needle.

OK, this is also a butterfly needle. You can check what’s the difference from the last image. This one and this one, what’s the difference?

The final accessories for the blood tube series are the scalp vein set.


OK, let check our syringe series. The syringe is right now very hot due to the vaccine’s success, so the 1ml volume and 2 ml volume Luer lock and Luer slip syringe price increase a lot.

All syringes the needle can customize as you can see

Let check the quotation

The first one, that’s Luer slip with needle syringe. From 1ml to 50ml.

The second one, also a Luer slip syringe, but without a needle.

The third one, Luer Lock syringe with the needle, individual package and all package detail.

The final one Luer Lock syringed with different size.

OK, if you think to fast, stop to check detail.


The final series with sugarcane bagasse series. Sugarcane plate is environmentally friendly, can be explained, and can be composted. It is the perfect tableware for future use. It is eco-friendly environmentally friendly than paper products. We also have uploaded detail video for those products. We working for sugarcane bagasse tableware the same reason we working for medical products, this will help our people. Anyway, let check this series.

First one, bowl, I love this bowl, we use the bowl in my house when our friend comes, this is easy to use and no need clean. Good feedback from my friends. Chinese people like a bowl more than a plate.

The second one, the big bowl, perfect. This can use for anywhere.

Ribbed plate, immense use at the restaurant.

Round plate this small size, those are big size: 9 inch and 10 inches widely usage.

Compartment plate can use in school or hospital, anyway. And they are using many in fish and chip shop.

Oval plate, how about use Briyani and roast chicken?

Right now, Square plate, put some fruit and nuts, or a lovely cake.

Hinged containers, you can see the size and dimension, good for takeaway food, and this have more specification, but I like this use for a hamburger. We can provide all kinds of tableware, if those attractive you, contact me.

OK, at the end of this video, if you have any question, welcome to contact me, and if you want to purchase those products, please contact me also. The final thing, if you like this video please subscript our channel.

See you in next month quotation video series.



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