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Do you know that waste can actually be divided into five different types? In addition, certain types of waste are recyclable, while other wastes are not. Recycling can be confusing, so I am not surprised to see that many residents do not understand the concept.

If you are such a resident, by understanding different types of waste, you will be able to better understand what you can and cannot recycle.

Liquid waste
Liquid waste is commonly found in homes and industries. This waste includes dirty water, organic liquids, washing water, waste water cleaners, and even rain.

You should also be aware that liquid waste can be divided into point source and non-point source waste. All manufactured liquid waste is classified as point source waste. Natural liquid waste, on the other hand, is classified as non-point source waste.

2. Sturdy garbage
Solid waste can include everything in your home as well as commercial and industrial locations.

Solid waste is usually divided into the following categories:

Plastic waste – including bags, containers, cans, bottles and many other products that can be found at home. Plastics are not biodegradable, but many types of plastics can be recycled. Plastics should not be mixed with normal waste and should be sorted and placed in a recycling bin.
Paper/card waste – including packaging materials, newspapers, cardboard and other products. Paper can be easily recycled and reused, so be sure to put them in a recycling bin or take them to the nearest Brisbane recycling bin.
Canned and metal – this can be found in various forms in your home. Most metals can be recycled to take these items to the scrap yard or the nearest Brisbane recycling station to properly handle this type of waste.
Ceramics and glass – these items can be easily recycled. Look for special glass bins and bottle racks to handle them properly.
If you still can’t grasp the concept of recycling, then a very simple and effective way to deal with solid waste is to hire a Brisbane waste removal company, such as 4 waste removal, to handle the recycling for you. We will remove all your rubbish and make sure it is handled properly.

3. Organic waste
Organic waste is another common family. All food waste, garden waste, manure and rotten meat are classified as organic waste. Over time, organic waste is turned into microbes by microorganisms. However, this does not mean that you can discard them anywhere.

Organic waste in landfills can cause methane production, so waste must not be simply discarded. Instead, I hope to get green trash cans from the Brisbane Parliament, or rent a green suitcase or garden bag for proper waste disposal.

4. Recyclable garbage
Recyclable waste includes all waste that can be converted into reusable products. Solid items such as paper, metal, furniture and organic waste can be recycled.

Do not throw these items into regular trash, then put them in a landfill, put them in a yellow trash can or take them to your local Brisbane recycling station.

If you are not sure if an item is recyclable, look at the package or chart on the yellow recycling bin lid. Most products will clearly state whether they are recyclable.

5. Hazardous waste
Hazardous waste includes all types of waste that are flammable, toxic, corrosive and reactive.

These items can cause harm to you and the environment and must be disposed of properly. Therefore, I recommend that you use a waste removal company to properly dispose of all hazardous waste.

in conclusion:
Waste can be divided into five types of waste, which are usually found around the house. These include liquid waste, solid waste, organic waste, recyclable waste and hazardous waste. Ensure that waste is classified into different types to ensure proper waste removal.

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