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I have been working in a foreign trade company for 9 months. I’m in charge of handling the order work of the factory. Because I have no experience, sometimes I will have problems with work. But every time I go wrong, the boss will take back the task and handle it himself. As a newcomer, how can I better communicate with the leadership when there is a problem or something?


Before answering your question, let me talk about my experience. I have been a newcomer and taught newcomers. When the person I teach has done something wrong, I’ll directly tell him that there is an error. If time is enough, I will tell him where he is wrong and how to correct it. But if the time is limited, I’ll take the task back and finish it myself. Sometimes, when an intern or a new person is criticized, he is angry or finds a lot of excuses. In this case, I will tell him that I pointed out his mistakes in order to let him make fewer mistakes in the future. It is not that I am harsh on him, but that his way may bring a lot of trouble. In short, it is necessary to make the reason clear.

It is important for newcomers to make the necessary preparations. Before entering a foreign trade position, you should first know how to fill out various documents, how to confirm B/L, and how to prepare the payment information provided to the customer. In addition, you also need to know the size limit of containers, freight forwarders, express company contact information, understand the internal flow of work. In this way, you won’t act with confusion when you encounter these problems at work.


You should focus on your work during working hours. In spare time, you can study the documents to check if there is anything need to be confirmed. Meanwhile, if you encounter problems or requirements you don’t understand, you should immediately consult. Don’t be self-righteous and follow your feelings all the time.

Newcomers cannot be sophisticated when they enter the company. But there is a big difference between earnest and perfunctory. Many people understand that newcomers aren’t sophisticated enough, but they cannot accept the indifferent attitudes.

Newcomers should try to learn from failures. When you encounter problems, you should be willing to take advice and sum up work experience. For example, a colleague asks you to send a customs declaration material. Then you can take a look at what documents it includes. You should learn to distinguish between the original and the photocopy. Also, you should get to know what seal it needs. With colleagues’ consent, you can even make a copy to analyze the logical relationship within the various materials.  Then your task will be completed, and you have learned some knowledge.

You should know what you can do to make the leadership willing to give you the opportunity and to train you. Firstly, You need to change your mode of thinking and behavior. If you make a mistake, change it, starting from now and every little thing. Then, everything will be all alright.



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