How Do Novices Prepare for Interviews? Leave a comment

The interview of foreign trade companies is similar to that of other companies. Besides the general requirements, the following preparations are required:

1. Foreign Languages

Generally speaking, foreign trade companies will test the foreign language ability of interviewees during interviews. Many interviewers have a general understanding of your foreign language level as soon as you speak. So, they usually ask issues that you may not prepare for. For example, they may set a scene to let you write a paragraph. They may also give a piece of material for you to translate or chat with you in English.

Here’s a piece of advice: you should be familiar with your English resume. The interviewer may ask you for some information on the resume. But as newcomers, you ask others to help to translate or process your resumes sometimes. As a result, you are not familiar enough with some of the content on the resumes. You can’t tell what’s on your resume during the interview, which is not appropriate.

2. Understand the process of foreign trade

As novices, you should know the logistics, capital quantity and information flow of foreign trade in advance. If possible, you also need to know the main business of the interviewing company in advance that you can outline its products or customers. This will make the interviewer think that you know the company well to leave a good impression.

3. Pay attention to politeness and appropriateness during interviews

You should attend the interview in formal clothes. When you speak, you should look squarely at the interviewer who asks you questions, and answer in proper speed. Don’t make much sound when opening or closing the door. When you go out, you should express your thanks to the interviewer and the staff. If you don’t know how to answer some questions, you’d better speak frankly. Don’t play tricks. After being pointed out by the interviewer, don’t try to explain it or even argue with the interviewer. A friend told me something like this. A young man who was interviewed almost quarreled with the interviewer. After he was rejected, the man called the company several times and asked for an explanation for the rejection, giving the impression of being unreasonable. This kind of people is the last that firms will hire.

4. Show your respect in interviews

Some companies organize group interviews. All the interviewees discuss the topics together. Sometimes the company even asks interviewees to eat with the management of the company. In this case, even if it is a knock out system, it is necessary to respect others. During the discussion, don’t attack other interviewees to prove your ideas. Don’t over-judge the other party’s point of view. Although there is competition, in order to solve a problem, you must listen and refer to other people’s opinions and suggestions.

Many companies use this form to examine whether the interviewees have clear ideas, whether they are suitable for teamwork, whether they can listen to other people’s advice.


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