How Do We Show That We Need An Agent in the Contract? Leave a comment


Our company does not have the right to operate foreign trade. How do we show the information that we need the agent to execute the contract in the contract that has been negotiated with the customer?


Generally speaking, if the customer and your company have all agreed, it will be troublesome to re-sign the contract. There is a simple solution. Your company signs a supplementary contract with the customer, indicating that the foreign trade company shall act as your agent. Also, all the goods export related operations are executed by it, and the payment is sent to its account.

If the customer says that the contract can not be changed, your company can only provide a certificate to inform the customer that the foreign trade company is your agent. It will perform the export and delivery of the contract. In this way, all your commitments to the customer do not change, but also tell the customer that the foreign trade company will do the customs declaration, etc.

When signing the contract, you should indicate that the two companies are connected. You should also show the actual producer and the company that handles export procedures, as well as their respective functions. In this way, all parties can understand easily.


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