How Should Foreign Trade Companies Find their Position? Leave a comment


Although suppliers and international customers have more and more contacts in recent years, it cannot prove that foreign trade companies have no room for survival. Instead, in recent years, some professional foreign trade companies have developed rapidly. Foreign trade companies as middlemen have both common interests and their own interests with customers and suppliers. Therefore, you should highlight the features of middlemen in positioning. On the one hand, you need to promote the intention of the parties to cooperate. On the other hand, you also need to protect the benefit of yourself. Try to avoid customers and manufacturers bypassing you and trading directly.

To be recognized by customers or suppliers, you have to make them feel that you are helpful and bring them profits. In actual communication, there should also be such consciousness and performance.

For example, you should make suppliers feel that you have a good relationship with customers. And you have a great influence on your customers. In addition to their orders, you also cooperate with them in many other areas. Also, you have many common interests with them.

Equally, you should also let customers believe that, with the help of your company, the cooperation between them and suppliers will go well. For example, you know well about the product, the domestic and international standards, and are good at the conversion of drawings. In the process of production, You have provided a lot of technical guidance and assistance to suppliers. In customs declaration, inspection, shipping, export verification, tax refund, documents, and contact, your service is professional. Customers can save a lot of time and cost through the service of your company. At the same time, you have to convince customers that you can influence the factory.


How do foreign trade companies embody their value in their work and provide value-added services to customers and suppliers? For one thing, you need to constantly update the knowledge of the product, the manufacturing, and the use of the product. And you should try to create a bridge for communication between them. For another thing, when problems arise, you should try to mobilize the enthusiasm of all parties in the fastest and most appropriate way to solve problems and crisis.

In reality, the salesman of some foreign trade companies is just a loud hailer when problems occur. He is not willing to take any responsibility and share any risks. For example, a contract may have a profit of 100,000 yuan. However, some minor problems occurred, and the customer requested a claim of 20,000 yuan. But the salesman does not want to pay a penny and want the supplier to pay the bill. So he does not respond to the customer, forcing the supplier to bear the cost. In the end, he makes the relationship with both sides worse, and both sides felt that he was not good enough. In that case, it will be better if he agrees to the customer’s claim first and then discusses with the supplier how to share the claim. Sometimes people care not only about money but whether you can take responsibility and have a sense of cooperation.

Therefore, it is recommended that foreign trade companies also show some sincerity when they encounter problems to express their willingness to cooperate and bear the risks they should bear. A small loss may bring long-term cooperation.


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