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I feel confused recently because I just graduate and come to this company to do foreign trade in the power supply which started last year. Its international standards are still in progress. However, products must be certified by international standards before they can be sold. That is to say that I will have nothing to do for about half a year. I’ve been here for a month. But I’ve been doing the translation work. The department manager is too busy to guide my work. Yesterday, I communicated with him and said that I would be arranged to go to the workshop to learn about the products and some techniques. I think it’s a waste of time. What should I do now?


Newcomers have a lot to learn. If you’re not too busy right now, you can familiarize yourself with your company’s products, get to know the certification process, and improve your translation skills. In fact, these are fundamental. If you learn well, you will gain a lot. For example, many factories are not familiar with certification. If one day you leave this company, you may be able to foster a small factory to embark on an international road.

You need to know more about the production process and procurement process of the company’s products, and then conceive the business framework and management system of the company’s future import and export. This is to prepare for your future foreign trade work. When the time is right, you will start your foreign trade work at a hand’s turn. I used to have a translation in the workshop for a while, which was toilsome. But the accumulation of this time has made me have a rough understanding of the machinery in the whole industry.

The work you understand and the requirements of the work itself are actually two concepts. You can have your own ideas and positioning of the company. But, if you can’t adapt to the changing work environment and work requirements, you will never be able to work in a down-to-earth manner. For newcomers, the most important thing is learning. You should come into contact with different new things, learn how to face difficulties, how to solve problems.

The foreign trade you understand may be daily negotiation, quotation, and inquiry with other companies. But the foreign trade I know is the product, technology, communication, and even certification, quality claims, and so on. Foreign trade cannot be separated from these specific things. For newcomers, learning products and certification processes is a rare opportunity.


In my opinion, your company’s arrangement is not inappropriate. Before the product certification is completed, it recruits the staff and establishes the foreign trade framework, which allows the employee to have some time to understand the product and the company process. When the product certification is complete, these people are ready to enter the role quickly.

In the near future, you can follow the company’s arrangements to learn about products, related technologies, product knowledge, and get to know some colleagues in the workshop, which will help you in the future. It’s a significant thing, not a waste of time. For you, you should constantly adjust yourself to adapt to the environment of the company, make progress as much as possible. But don’t be in a hurry, and make a progress step by step.


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