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I used to study engineering and my previous job was to do design. But I recently transferred to foreign trade. Changing careers was a painful decision for me. I have been in the company for two months but dont get one order, which gives me a lot of stress. Moreover, I am the only one doing foreign trade in this company. It does not have a B2B network platform, nor does it participate in the exhibition. Most of the company’s orders are got by the boss himself, which are from his regular customers. However, he was busy developing new products recently and has no time to guide me on foreign trade. Hence, I can only find materials on the Internet every day to learn how to do foreign trade, send some development letters, and sign up for the free B2B website.

Sometimes I wonder if he wants to train me to do foreign trade. Because I used to do design, he now develops new products and occasionally asks me to draw for him. So the manufacturers think that I am the engineer of the company. Working as an engineer with the basic salary of a salesman, to be honest, I feel terrible. Thus, I’m hesitating now. Is there any need to continue? Maybe I have a bad state of mind. Please give me some advice.


I admire your courage to change your career. However, since you have chosen the road of foreign trade, you should try your best to go well.

When you first enter a company, you should learn first. But I want to remind you that if your boss is good for nothing, he can’t be a boss. Therefore, you should learn from the advantages of others, but not focus on the shortcomings.

If the company doesn’t use the exhibition and B2B platform that you feel unable to start the business, you should know how your company gets the existing business. In fact, not all companies use the show and the paid B2B platform to develop to their customers. Learning to use off-the-shelf resources to develop the business is very important to newcomers.

It is also necessary to develop new products. But there must be a realistic foundation, such as stable customers and business. However, if you focus too much on new products and ignore existing businesses, you may lose more than gain. Therefore, you should help the boss maintain the existing customers rather than be eager to open up a new business. If you can help your boss to keep the existing business, you have also made a big contribution. Furthermore, it is not easy to maintain existing business. Maybe the opportunity is in these specific things.


As for mentality, I think you need to adjust.

The boss hires you that is to let you work and make a difference. In the foreign trade industry, it is not realistic to have others to teach you every step. Many companies also hope that newcomers can open up a new era. If you want to be taught everything, the boss may feel that he has lost the meaning of hiring you.

You should do the task that the company has given you, and then explore it with your heart. You will get opportunities. Once you develop a customer, you will soon have fruits and become confident. Also, don’t care too much about the amount of money. For you, the most important thing is to learn and accumulate relationships with customers. Don’t always think about being taken advantage of by others, and don’t want to go all out when you do things. This will limit your play to ability and hinder your progress.

In addition, don’t stick much to the post setting. Otherwise, it will affect your overall view and problem-solving ability. In fact, many problems involve different areas, which cannot be handled by one position. So, you must have a good understanding of the whole situation. Otherwise, many solutions may not be feasible. The advice I can give you is to complain less, work harder, and have more patience and persistence.


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