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The company arranged for me to attend an exhibition for international buyers in Shanghai. How can I attract customers and promote customer transactions in the exhibition?


Attending the exhibition is a little stressful for newcomers. You have to face a lot of people, many of them potential customers. Thus, you must attach importance to it and go all out. If you are sure to attend the exhibition, you have to adjust yourself to your best. Don’t stay up late the night before so that you can meet customers in good condition. If it is a woman, try to make a light makeup.

In terms of clothing, try to dress neatly and gracefully at the exhibition. You should take the initiative to greet customers and introduce the company’s products and profile to interested customers timely. In this way, customers can make a good impression of your company and your service in a short period. Try to get customers’ business cards so that you can follow them further.

When introducing products, you should use standard technical terms to introduce materials, processes, performance, appearance, quality certification, product advantages, etc. You should try to talk with customers fluently in English. In particular, you should be proficient in using the product terminology. If customers ask for the price, you can quote directly for the varieties you are familiar with. If you can’t confirm it on the spot, you can tell the customer that you need to confirm it with the company. Then, you can send an email to quote within three days.

If some customers speak English quickly and the pronunciation is not too standard, you can ask him to speak slower. You can even ask him to write some crucial parameters on paper. If customers keep saying but you don’t understand, they will find it challenging to communicate with you, and then leave.


When introducing, try to be as concise as possible. You should listen carefully to your customers’ needs and then answer them in a targeted manner. Otherwise, you show a bunch of products but customers don’t want.

At the exhibition, sometimes you may meet general managers of some big companies. They are concerned with strategic planning. And they come for long-term strategic partners. You can invite them to visit your factory or manufacturing to strive for long-term cooperation.

When introducing products, you shouldn’t always say that your products are inexpensive. Emphasizing the low price will make customers doubt the quality of the product. It is best to introduce some authoritative certification of the product. Or you can say that you have supplied goods to a well-known company in the industry. So, customers will have confidence in your quality.

If the customer cares about the price, you can emphasize it. Meanwhile, you’d better explain that the competitiveness of your prices comes from a highly specialized division of labor or technical improvements. Then, customers will be optimistic about the quality of the products.

Also, you should make a record on paper of the customers you have received. Then you can use the stapler/clip to keep the related materials together. After the exhibition of the day, you should file the relevant transaction records and information. The price and technical details that need to be confirmed should be affirmed with the relevant departments of the company asap. If possible, call or email customers you meet at the exhibition. Replying asap will make customers feel that you are doing your best.


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