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As a good saying goes: the opportunity favors the prepared mind. And I want to say: if you are well-prepared, you can create opportunities.

In the foreign trade industry, the ways to develop business is not just the exhibition, B2B (Business to business), search engine. There are many ways to find customers. You can also use yellow pages, white pages, industry associations, CCPIT, industry forums, private customs information and the list of buyers for the exhibition. And even visit other customers’ company websites of potential customers or existing customers may become your opportunities.

The search engine has been talked separately, and here are the opportunities of the B2B platform.

As we all know, B2B has a long-term growth trend in the current purchase share, especially Alibaba, which has become the leader of this industry. Its flow rate in Alexa(a website that publishes the world ranking website) is far more than that of other competitors, taking the lead with an absolute advantage. In that way, is there a need to pay for B2B? In my opinion, there is a need to invest at least one B2B if the budget allows.

For a company, the sale is a full-scale job, so e-commerce should be part of it. Enterprises need to maintain regular customers, develop new customers, and also pay attention to the growing e-commerce market to form a virtuous circle.

So, is the paid B2B bringing more opportunities than the free one? The answer is Yes. These companies that have high budgets for advertising and development will get more reputation and customer visit rate. The world is fair that the corporations will get what they pay for. The pay, of course, is better than the free, otherwise who will pay the money?

But we can’t say that free B2B is not useful at all. If some companies just start, in order to attract customers and bring more orders, they will put some real information about buyers. Therefore, if you spare no efforts to search, you will get some fruits, especially when your budget is limited, you need to work hard to find opportunities to catch any of the possibilities of a deal.

If it is a paid B2B, the setting of keywords is significant. You should try to use the different names of the same product. For example, if you want to buy a mug, you can enter “mug”, or “cup”, “beverage cup”, “promotional mug”, “gift mug”, “mug suit”, etc. People’s different habits will definitely bring different expressions. And there will be such linguistic differences between the country and the people.

There will be the same situations in the export industry. If I am a buyer who wants to buy a mobile phone, I will type a “mobile phone” or “cell phone” in Alibaba. But if you are a seller, you have a lot of different mobile phones but only set one keyword. Sorry, you may have lost a large number of inquiries because the keyword settings are inaccurate or insufficient. Customers can’t find you, so you lose the opportunity. Therefore, we should pay more attention to note how customers call our products and whether different names are used in different markets.

In the existing trading system, the barriers between national borders have become less stringent, and the threshold of the foreign trade industry is getting lower and lower, which will bring more opportunities for traders. More buyers are going to target the Chinese market directly. However, more middlemen and importers are unwilling to give up their resources and customers on the basis of their existing business, so the competition becomes more intense. And benign or vicious competitions between many domestic suppliers and peers make it more challenging to develop new customers. If you don’t have your characteristics and certain skills, it is hard to stand out.

Frankly, marketing is for selling. Not only do you have to sell your products, but you also sell your expertise, services, and the added value. Take Taobao as an example. I want to buy a box of German-made milk, so I enter the keyword in Taobao. When I get a lot of results, what should I do? I will make a rough comparison of the price, excluding the extremely high or low price, and then contact the rest.

Where lies their specialty? When I ask, they need to answer my question, such as when the milk was produced and will expire, in how many days should we drink it out after opening, and is this milk suitable for coffee? The sellers that can answer accurately and timely is professional. Then it is the service. Only the supplier who replies with courtesy and answers questions patiently can get the opportunity to provide services. As to the added value, it depends on the specific situation. Some sellers may tell me that when they ship, they will send two small boxes of milk from another German brand for free to taste, or promise to deliver the goods to the door, cash on delivery, or give me free shipping and so on. Extras such as these outside the official product can be called added value.

Ultimately, I might pick one of them and buy some boxes of milk to try. But I find that there is a wrong one. Then I contact the seller. He not only deal with it but also sends a new one to me. And he is willing to cover the return shipping cost, even an additional compensation. I feel satisfied with such excellent after-sales service, and then I may become a regular customer in his shop.

The circumstances are the same when it comes to the entire export process. The buyer’s mentality is similar. There is nothing but the details of the development process. Professional, service, value-added, in any case, bring opportunities to develop orders.

Sometimes, a foreigner sitting next to you in the coffee shop, a foreign businessman who chats casually at the entrance of the exhibition hall, or strangers who pass by when you are shopping in the mall, may become your customers. As long as your heart is strong enough, development is not a big problem, because opportunities are ubiquitous. Don’t think that you can only develop customers by the exhibition and B2B. The world is so big that there will be many other ways. The key lies in the summing up and accumulation in daily life. You need to try your best to discovering, thinking, and finding new opportunities.



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