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In general, according to the different division of labor of foreign trade work, there are salesmen and documents clerks. Also, some foreign trade companies separate procurement and sales to different people. Still, some have technical positions, which are responsible for supplier selection, drawing conversion and product acceptance, etc.

Many foreign trade companies ask all newcomers to deal with documents for a period of time. Or, some demand that salesmen are only involved in the pre-order process and the signing of contracts. The performance of the contracts is all on others’ duty. Its advantage is that each job can be more efficient. But in the event of a problem, internal coordination is also a big issue. And, some people are still not clear about the entire foreign trade process after working for several years.

In some firms, salesmen are in charge of all processes, like quotations, contract signing, production management, shipping and foreign exchange collection. The advantage is that salesmen are well aware of every aspect of the contract. But, the salesman’s energy is relatively scattered. It is difficult for him to ensure the priority of key projects.

It is also common that the senior salesmen are mainly in charge of contacting the customer, developing the market, and looking for suppliers. And there will be a team to help him. Some people in the group deal with documents and someone assists customers in communicating. Their complementarity is strong. But sometimes there are cases where senior salesmen suppress the development of novices. Or newcomers may not be able to work independently for many years because they do not have to think on their own, which limit their own development.


You can choose a suitable foreign trade post according to these features. If you are good at communication and like challenges, you can select the job position which deals with customers directly. However, in this case, you must travel frequently, work under pressure, experience difficulties and responsibilities. But, if you prefer a regular life, don’t like socializing and be good at doing paperwork, the position of foreign trade documents clerks may be more suitable for you.

What suits you is good. Every position needs to be conscientious and responsible. You can be excellent in any position.


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