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Our company has signed a batch of import agent agreements with a customer. The execution period of the contract is 36 months, and the agency fee is 2%, which is determined by the leader. The problem now is that the customer let us take part in everything, such as technical negotiations, open-package inspection, and so on. I have felt a little powerless already. But the customer is still not approving. He believes that since I am an agent, I should serve service fully. And he threatens to complain against me. What should I do?


The service should be in place if you execute the agency contract. But you should have a sense of propriety. According to the agreement on the rights and responsibilities of the parties, you do the work stipulated in it. Otherwise, even if you work hard, it will be useless. And you will even bear some responsibility that you should not take.

Don’t care too much about the attitude of others towards you. Look at the thing you are doing, is it under the responsibility of the agency agreement. If the customer’s requests exceed the responsibility of the agency agreement, you can refuse. But you must complete the tasks your company should undertake in the agreement. If you fail to fulfill the agreed responsibilities, the other party may consider you to default. However, if you help with what the client should do, but not very well, it becomes your problem. If this is the case, it is better not to help.

No matter how much the agency fee is, now that it has been settled, do not care about its amount. You should try to do things well and satisfy both parties. For additional work that customers offer, if you cannot do, report it to your supervisors and let them decide.

Of course, work must be done. If the customer ignores it, you have to do it. Work must be carried out without delay. In this case, you must have the other party confirm and modify the agency agreement if necessary. Also, you must let your leaders know that you have done it. As for the service charge, let the leader decide.


There are some things that the agreement does not stipulate in a detailed way. So, you need to judge by yourself. For example, the general business agent does not often involve the open-package inspection. But, if it is a large order of millions of dollars, you should also join in the inspection as a party to the contract. Or when the technical agreement is finally discussed, you should witness it and sign it. However, with the technical details, you don’t have to be involved. That is not what you should do. Sometimes, if you explain, the customer will understand. More often, our interests are consistent with those of our customers. Only when we work together can we do things well. Try not to argue. Understanding and respect are the basis for smooth cooperation and smooth execution of contracts.

If it is just a problem of too much work, this should be solved by your leadership, not the customer. Let your leader know that the job has exceeded your tolerance and ask some support or help from the company.


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