How to Enhance the Control and Influence over Suppliers? Leave a comment

The development of foreign trade companies relies on the support of good clients who give them orders. It is also supported by good suppliers. With the support of suppliers, foreign trade companies can successfully execute orders and realize profits. If suppliers are unreliable, foreign trade companies will face many risks after signing the contract.

To establish and maintain good cooperative relationships with suppliers, except ordering suppliers, it also needs the business personnel or leaders of foreign trade companies to have strong personal charm, such as integrity and be considerate. In this way, suppliers will cooperate and provide maximum support.

Besides, foreign trade companies can strengthen their control and influence on suppliers through the following methods:

(1) Help suppliers improve their management, technology, and inspection capabilities

Foreign trade companies directly contact with international customers and know some international technical developments and management experience. They can improve the management and technology of suppliers through order execution and daily communication. Also, they can cultivate their quality and management awareness. If a supplier has problems with products, the trading company sends people to study the problem, find the cause, improve the process and operation with him. Thus, by solving the technical problem together, the order is stabilized, and the ability of the supplier to solve the technical problem is improved.

(2) Give appropriate financial support

In some orders, if the risk is controllable, foreign trade companies can provide some advance payment. Or companies can provide some financial support to suppliers in other ways to improve their ability to resist risks. In this way, suppliers will be more willing to take the order.

(3) Equity cooperation

Some foreign trade companies have equity cooperation with suppliers. Although there are not many shares, they are also shareholders. This will enhance their influence on the factory. And companies will also have the power to decide on some major issues. Cooperation will also become multifaceted and three-dimensional.

(4) Have a good relationship with different levels of factories

Apart from having good relationships with executives, you need to strengthen the relationship with some key positions of suppliers. The boss generally does not care about the specific production plan. However, those who make a production plan have the right to decide which order to produce first. So, with their support, your order will be arranged as a matter of priority.

You also need to consider the benefits of people of production, procurement, and quality inspection involved in your order execution. Their participation and efforts will enable your order to execute smoothly. For example, a senior had a big project in a factory that required employees to work overtime. Overtime pay was, of course, issued by the manufacturer. However, he sent a retired engineer to stay in the factory, mainly to buy working meals for overtime employees. If encountering traditional festivals, he also gave these overtime employees a pack of cigarettes or some small gifts. Therefore, his project was the most valued in this factory.

(5) Establish a cooperation association

Foreign trade companies can establish cooperation associations with suppliers to take part in some projects for mutual benefits, such as taking part in some international project bidding, international exhibitions, and visit customers abroad together.


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