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My company has been negotiating with a big European company for a long time. The customer has already had factory inspection. And the next step is to talk about the specific order. However, the customer sent a vendor registration form (also called the supplier audit questionnaire) for us. The content is detailed, including the company’s business license number, tax registration certificate number, company registration funds, quality certification equipment list, product line, customer list, financial data of the previous three years. Besides, there also require many self-assessments of us. I don’t have any ready-made materials. And the statistical sources of many materials are not quite the same. Is it necessary to fill in each space? Also, what is the use of this form? Why do they need such comprehensive and detailed information? How to fill out this form?


Only large companies use this supplier information form. If buyers are satisfactory and ready to input suppliers’ information into the procurement information database, they need this form. In this case, customers can place orders after sellers enter the buyers’ supplier list as a certified vendor.

If you are going to fill in this form, the deal is basically no problem. It’s just a procedure. In this way, the supplier’s information enters the supplier list on the customer procurement platform, facilitating the customer to place orders, contacts, and subsequent receipts, payments, etc.

Some of these forms are informative, such as company name, address, contact, telephone, fax email, bank of deposit, account number, registered capital, business scope, business products and other basic information of the company. Information like the company’s three-year financial data, sales, fixed assets, and current asset profitability is also needed. Others need to be answered or self-evaluated by suppliers. For example, what are your advantages over competitors? If there is a quality problem, what remedies can you provide? Can you give customers some guidance on the use of products? And so on.

If it is the first contact, it may take a whole day or more to complete such a form. However, there is nothing particularly difficult, just a little cumbersome.


The information of the company, such as address and contact information, should be as much specific as possible. When the customer places orders, the information in this form is used directly. In this way, the customer can find you more quickly. Also, work efficiency will improve.

You should be more careful when filling the bank number. You should provide the corresponding account according to the currency used by the customer, instead of the RMB account. Also, the bank account number must not be mistaken. Otherwise, it will be very troublesome later.

Some information is for customer references, such as your customer list and financial data of previous years. Filling the people in the same industry will give certain reference values, allowing customers to enhance their confidence in you. However, if your company provides products to domestic military institutions or the nuclear power industry, try not to mention it. If it is an American or British customer, do not mention any Iranian customer so as not to cause tension.

Besides, if your company has any information changes in the future, you should give the customer written notices. So, he can correct them in the system.

Domestic foreign trade companies have difficulty in accessing the supplier systems of some large foreign companies. Filling out such a form means that you have entered their purchasing system. As long as there are no special reasons, you can maintain long-term stable cooperation with this company.


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