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Our company exports a batch of goods to Japan. When the goods arrive, the customer finds that the hardness of the product was not enough. Although the contract doesn’t specify the hardness of the product, it stipulates that the product should meet the material standards. We check the standard of the material, and our actual hardness doesn’t meet it. After discussion, the customer decides to reject the goods and asks us to bear the cost of the return shipment. But, our technicians believe that the product can be used through repair, without affecting the quality. How to deal with situations like this? Is it possible to go through customs formalities if it is returned or repaired?


Customs formalities can be handled regardless of whether the goods are returned or returned for repair. Generally, we entrust the company that exports the goods to get it back. If it is just a repair, you can ask the company to ship them out again. The advantage is that the forwarder knows the process clearly, and we don’t have to explain it repeatedly.

Before returning, you must confirm that the goods won’t be shipped again or that they will be transported after maintenance. Goods entering China Customs in accordance for repair must be shipped out within six months. You can’t follow the repair process to re-enter the exported goods, but don’t ship them again.


You first confirm with the customer whether the goods can meet the requirements of use after repair. If it can meet the needs and he agrees to accept the repaired, you can import following the repair procedure. If he only accepts new products, you can only follow the return shipping procedures.

Before handling the return or repair, communicate with your freight agent or customs broker, especially the customs broker. They often operate this business. Ask them for a list of required documentation and formalities, like the reasons for the return, etc. With all materials in good preparation, the customs will let you return the shipment or repair it. Otherwise, you can only import goods by paying customs duties and VAT. Ships from Japan to China will arrive in 2~3 days. You should let the customs broker check to see if materials meet the requirements, and then arrange the goods back.

No matter which way it is shipped back, the customs and the commodity inspection will inspect the goods. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the goods and documents are entirely consistent. If it is a repair, you don’t need to pay customs duties but provide a customs deposit. Once the goods aren’t shipped as scheduled, the customs may forfeit the security deposit. If you ship the goods again after repair and provide some documents to the customs, the customs will return the deposit.


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