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It is easy to make rules, but it is difficult to carry out them. I believe many people feel deeply about this. At the beginning of the year, the plan and the target are set for this year. But by the end of the year, nothing is done. The plan was not finished, and the target was not achieved. In the end, expectations can only be left to the next year. It is useless to rely solely on planning to achieve your goals. You must improve your executive force.

For example, you are going to start a company. You have an excellent plan, product vision, website architecture, project plan, etc. However, if you don’t put it into effect, it will only exist in the imagination. Only when you really register the company, rent office buildings, recruit staffs will you have the chance to realize it.

The core of the executive force

Perhaps people will think that the core of the executive force is “execute.” But I don’t think so. I think the core of the executive force should be “force.” This force is a kind of driving force to move forward, and it is also a kind of pressure.

I believe that most people are lazy. Industrious people are extremely demanding of themselves, and they will turn stress into motivation.

If you’re not self-disciplined enough, If you are not particularly self-disciplined, you need some external power to push yourself forward. Only in that way can you go further step by step according to the established plan.

Case 1 My power of execution

When I just started working, I was also a lazy one, belonging to most of the foreign trade practitioners. I was also full of ambition and dreams. But I’m too lazy. An email will take two days to reply; an offer will take four or five days to get ready. Although there are many objective reasons, subjectively speaking, my efficiency is low, I am not professional enough.

After being hit by reality as well as compared with Hong Kong and Taiwan traders again and again, I found that the gap is huge. Why can they work so efficiently? Why would I be so procrastinating?

There are many objective reasons that I can’t change, but subjective things can be changed. I must let the customer feel that I am different from others.

This method is simple but not easy to execute. To put it simply, it is a saying, “Don’t put off till tomorrow what should be done today.” So, you can get a To-Do List.

Every job should be listed. While avoiding forgetting, you can always know your progress and urge yourself. Every time you complete a task, add a “√” or a note.

The core of the executive force lies in force.

This thing seems to be simple, but it can maximize your work efficiency and organization. The hardest part of this is persistence. The reason why I contribute this form to you is that I hope you can maximize the ability and subjective initiative of salespeople from the executive level.

 “positioning” and two “know

Positioning itself is not a small subject. If I apply it to foreign trade, I will temporarily summarize it into three aspects: the positioning of your own, the positioning of the company, and the positioning of the product.

The positioning of your own

Some people do things very carefully. Every detail will be confirmed repeatedly until no careless omissions can be found. However, because they care too much about the details, they may be a little overwhelmed by the overall situation. And they may even lack the ability to plan and manage negotiations strategically. Such a person may be suitable for managing customers, responsible for the follow-up of large orders and projects, but not suitable for business directors who require more development capabilities.

Others are particularly keen on power. Even if the salary is not high, there must be a weight title. They are particularly good at communicating with customers. But the handling of details and projects exceeds their ability. Such people are suitable for working on the overseas development of a regional market and lead the team to develop potential markets.

There is also a person who can make a simple matter interesting. He can give several ways to deal with a problem. A dull customer can be amused by him to get closer to each other. This type of person must be a master of developing new customers.

So people are different from people. Each person has different advantages, different characteristics, different experiences, and different ways of thinking. Just like five fingers, each has different functions.

The same is true when it comes to working. The right person to do the right job in the right place is the optimal allocation of resources, but also the root of positioning yourself.

The positioning of the company

This involves the issue of fostering strengths and avoiding weaknesses and more about the way of thinking.

Every company has its own shortcomings and problems. There is no perfect company in the world. This is a clear understanding of our company. Even Microsoft and Google have many employees leaving their jobs every year, and many employees complain about their works.

Therefore, while recognizing the reality, we should think about how to show the company’s advantages to customers and suppliers, so as to gain their trust and recognition to win the opportunity of cooperation.

The positioning of the product

The advantages and disadvantages of the product are easy to understand, that is, the characteristics of the product. Many people will find this easy because after working in a field for a long time, they will naturally understand all aspects of the product. This idea is correct. But these are basic factory thinking but not the customer perspectives. For a mobile phone, as a manufacturer, you think the most important thing is the chip and the processor. But perhaps what consumers need most is a thin body and a smooth system. You may think performance is important, but maybe users focus more on the appearance. Therefore, the advantages and disadvantages of the product are not the advantages and disadvantages in your understanding, nor the technical ones. It is the advantage and disadvantage of feedback from the customer.

Case 2 Advantages & disadvantages of packaging

For example, you export a hand tool kit. Your products are exported to Europe with color boxes, and they are popular. So, when you develop American customers, you mainly recommend your color box packaging, thinking that you also can win American customers with it. But you would be wrong to think so. Color boxes are an advantage for European customers because they are suitable for the European market. But it is not necessarily applicable to the US market, as many US customers will choose double blister packaging instead of color boxes.

So, is the color box packaging better? Or is it better to double blister packaging? In fact, this requires specific analysis of specific problems. You should make and recommend appropriate plans according to the preferences of different customers.

The advantages are customizable.

This also shows that the advantages in some cases may become a disadvantage on another occasion. And some irreparable deficiencies may become an advantage in another case. Do not look down on yourself because different products have different features. The key is how you customize, how to negotiate, how to adapt to your customers.

As for adapting to consumer groups, we can understand it more intuitively through cases.

Case 3 Hermes silk scarves

A standard size Hermes scarf of 90 cm x 90 cm may cost 3,400 yuan in the mainland and 3,600 yuan in Hong Kong.

I believe that many Hermes enthusiasts and loyal fans must be familiar with this price. However, Hermes scarves are not the daily consumer goods of the general public. Therefore, they are destined not to be sold with quick returns and small margins. They are also impossible to fight a price war, let alone discount, only possible to raise prices or limit the number.

So it is positioned as a luxury and the belongings of a few people. Therefore, the silk scarf is not only a silk scarf. Hermes has given it more connotation and brand extension, taking the emotional appeal and the desire of consumers to high-grade goods as selling points. Is it of good quality? It’s good. Then, what about its value? It depends on what you think.

Its positioning is obvious: high-end and luxury.

Will ordinary people buy Hermes scarves? Maybe they will. But it is impossible to consume it frequently. Because of this, scarves of this brand have a unique charm and value.

So before you choose the product, the customer, the market, you should first think about your product positioning and differentiation with your peers.

Knowing yourself and your competitor

There is an old saying, “Know the enemy and know yourself, and you can fight a hundred battles without defeat.” Most people know this sentence. But the people who apply to work and do it well are rare.

You can take a look at the following ten questions. Try to answer them by yourself. Each question counts 1 point.

  • Am I highly confident about my own products?
  • Who are our main competitors?
  • Why does the existing customer cooperate with us?
  • Why do regular customers transfer their orders?
  • If my price increases by 10%, can I maintain the current customer and order?
  • If the boss asks colleagues to replace me, will it affect existing customers and projects?
  • What are the differences between ours and competitors’ products, prices, delivery dates, and payment methods?
  • How can I get new customers without the compression of costs?
  • Apart from team and company, am I sure to win when I compete with other salespeople?
  • How to make up for the biggest deficiency in my work?

For the above ten questions, if you can get 9-10 points, you have done good in two “know”.If you get 5-8 points, you need to continue to refuel. If you can only get 0-4 points but still make no effort to catch up, you will become the majority in the foreign trade circle.

Positioning is a big subject. For doing a good job of sales, the premise is to make the product and yourself fully prepared and positioned. Blind development will only waste a lot of time, resulting in inefficient work and a loss of confidence.


Future foreign trade exports must be refined work. You need to adapt to the market, customers, consumers, and balance the interests of all parties. The past low-cost sales model will certainly be eliminated on the basis of the gradual loss of the demographic dividend.

The survival of the fittest is the first law if you want to exist in foreign trade.


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