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Amazon is the biggest online shop market from the earth. You can easily find anything you wants, such as books, electronics, apparel, accessories, etc. But Amazon is not only a shop online. It covers 16 countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Spain, Netherlands, Mexico, Japan, Italy, India, Germany, France, Canada, Brazil, Australia, and China. Through it, merchants can trade all over the world.

In this case, more and more clients purchase products from us and deliver them to Amazon warehouse. Due to this trend, we notice that the online market will be the next B2B market. So, Extripod Amazon Sourcing Service(EASS) come out.

Brand and FBA are two critical factors to increase the online selling business. EASS will help our clients to prepare for those issues and establish business advantages, then help clients achieve business success.

Register Trademark Before Selling

Amazon encourages branded businesses. The brand can help you block follow seller to protect your own profit. Therefore, before you start selling, you need to get a trademark and registry in Amazon. They will help you sell on Amazon successfully.

From the TM mark to R mark, you must go through the step of application, publicity, opposition. Those step may continue about 9-18 months.

Owning a brand will be more beneficial for selling on Amazon.

If you already have a brand in your target market, Congratulations! You can sell your goods on Amazon right now.

If you do not have a brand in those countries, do not worry. We have a professional agent who can help you finish the registry with low costs in the UK, US, CA, EU, etc.

Amazon Selection

After the brand registry, you should investigate products from Amazon to choose your targets products. Not all products can sell well on Amazon. You can use the best sales or Amazon Choice for your reference. Then, you can buy most of the best sale to study the box design, products specifications like weight, package, color, amount, and so on. Then you can choose one as your target and get it with the same or better quality. A good choice will help you build a reputation in Amazon.

For example, if you sell more than the best sales, at the same price, more customers will choose your product. Or the best sales sell items with a bulk package, but you use the individual package, which also will help you build good review to increase your sell.

Thus, we have “Amazon Selection” to help you choose them. And we will list some Best Sales with their cost and profits for your reference.

Package Design

The excellent design will help you develop fast, sell more, and extend the selling time. This design must serve the same as your brand.

Good design will help you to get good reviews. People love an elegant package. When they get products from Amazon deliverer, a good design will make them satisfied and give a fine review on your Amazon sell record.

And we also have the drawing and design staff to help you realize your ideas in packages.

Add Your Product In Amazon

Even as the biggest international retail market platform, Amazon won’t accept all products. Some of the products need certifications or approvals before you sell them. When you add the product to Amazon, EASS will show what certification you need. Different roles, like retailer, brander, or manufacture, need different requirement documentation.

We also help to prepare the paperwork to get approval. We can support CE, FDA ISO certification and provide the test report to help your finish this approval.


Finishing the above steps just means you can sell on Amazon. Then, the most important issues will come. What’s your budget for each item? How many pieces will you spend on each item or SKUs?

Our “Amazon Selection” shows the profits and cost, and you can use it as a reference.

We help you to organize those items and make the account sheet for you to let you know all the details with a glance. We also help you to forecast and evaluate the all final results.


Calculating the budgets, you need to check the cost and the profit. If you purchase a small quantity, the cost will increase. At the same time, it cannot be advantageous for retail price, and lots of costs will be lost in transportation. Shipping is the cheapest way in all kinds of transportation way, while express is the most expensive transportation way. But shipping means two or three months as lead time. However, purchasing more can help you save some costs in transportation but will increase the stock cost.

Therefore, purchasing from China is not easy. But we are professional for this. Another main service is “Procurement Support Services”. You can check the below button to link that pages.

Sticker and Labeling

Barcode or label is also very significant for products. This code helps you identify the products using FBA inventory and when products were expressed by the Amazon deliverer. Amazon encourages the use of unique code to identify products. This means that this code is different between your brand registered in the local market and online market.

So, most of the time, Amazon product needs to be labeled the new code. This is a charging service in Amazon FBA central. We also provide this, but at a lower price.

Delivery to Amazon warehouse

When you work as an Amazon seller, the delivery process is not like purchasing mass products. Best-Sales and small lightweight can use express; others can use shipping. If sometimes you need replenishment, you can choose air freight. And if there is no stock, you need to deliver swiftly by yourself. So, at this time, you can use DHL or EMS to send to a customer at a cheaper cost.

So the critical factor is using four transportation way under rational usages.

Warehouse Support

One important thing is the cost of FBA(Fulfillment By Amazon), which is very expansive. So you need to control your stock quantity in Amazon. For example, you can only deliver 1 or 2 cartons to make products on sell condition. Or, if you sell fast, you can send 3 or 4 boxes. This is not easy. You need to keep an eye on everyday sale data. You need to keep two-month sell quantity on stock or keep them in outside in your warehouse. This will help you save cost and earn profits.

But, if you do not have a warehouse, or need our local warehouse, before calculating the delivery schedule, you can deliver your goods to our warehouse. Of course, our cost will cheaper than FBA. Also, we will provide with a 3-month free stock period.

This service will more helpful when you work at multi-country Amazon.

Those are the whole steps for our EASS. EASS will be a good helper if you want to start an Amazon business. If you have any needs, you can leave a message below or contact us.


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