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Today, we had a meeting with foreign customers in our company. We confirm the price, delivery schedule and payment method of the order this year. And we deal with some claims and objections of last year. The client asked us to sort out a meeting minutes and send them for confirmation. According to the minutes of the meeting, they will produce a new official text for the financial settlement. How to make the minutes of the meeting?


The minutes of the meeting should include the time and place, the participants of the meeting, the topics and results discussed by both parties, etc. The details of the bargaining should be left out. Only the content that has been confirmed by both parties is recorded. If some things are discussed but not settled on the spot, you should also record them and note that they will be discussed later.

As an important text document, the minutes must be recorded in detail on important matters. For example, the two sides decide that the 2010 supply agreement will remain in force, but the price needs to be reconfirmed. Then you must indicate this in the minutes. Also, you can add an item to it to remind both parties that the price must be agreed asap.

If you are making some minutes to deal with claims and objections, you should try to write the objections, reasons, responsibilities, and results clearly. Sometimes you have to pay or collect money with it. If you write it unclearly, it will be challenging to execute. For example, the two parties agreed that the direct loss caused by the quality accident was 3500 euros, and the seller was willing to bear the resulting losses, deducting 3500 euros from the invoice for the next shipment as compensation. And then, the seller should provide the buyer with a CREDIT NOTE, as the basis for financial accounting.

After the production, you should send the electronic documents to the participants. Then, the participants shall sign and confirm valuable minutes indicating that the parties agree to the minutes. If it is an execution file, you can execute it after signing it.


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