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I have been in the foreign trade department of a large machinery company for a year. I used to do the follow-up but started to sell overseas last month. Next week, a new customer will visit our factory. So I would like to ask: how to prepare for his visiting? What should I talk about when he visits? How to improve efficiency when negotiating?


Before the customer arrives, I suggest you make some preparations.

Firstly, you need to know the identity of the visitor. You can make different preparation for the different visitor.

For example, the visitor is the technical director. You should send technical staff to receive him. You also need to prepare equipment lists, process layouts, and major inspection items (such as mechanical properties, chemical composition, shapes, etc.). Also, the relevant personnel should know the negotiation content in advance for preparation. When visiting the factory, you can show him the workshop and process. Especially, you should give them enough time to understand the processes associated with them. In this way, the client will have a good impression on you. Besides, you can also prepare some standards, technical certifications, and conversion forms of domestic and foreign standards.

If the visitor is a business person or a purchaser, you can focus on some price-performance ratios and the achievement you provide for large companies in the industry. And business people prefer quantitative descriptions. Some companies may be sensitive to the suppliers used by their competitors, so be careful about your words. You can also provide some graphs of the sales growth of your products. Also, you can ask the customer to introduce his relevant content so as to understand his situation. Do not bring the customer to the smelly and noisy places. You can take him to visit the finished product warehouse, inspection center, and sample display center.

Or the visitor is an executive, you can talk about long-term cooperation, positioning, etc. You can also discuss the change in the market and industry or the culture and development of your company. You can visit the sample room and the showroom in the factory to let them know that your products are patented, certified.


Before customers visit, the factory should make preparations to make the factory look as standardized as possible. Workshops, offices, factories, and equipment should be regulated and tidy. Employees must wear work clothes, which appear to be strictly managed and orderly.

There are two places to pay particular attention to: the bathroom and the conference room.

Some companies have beautiful offices, but their bathrooms are untidy, even dirty and smelly. To leave customers a good impression, we must pay attention to the sanitary condition of the bathroom. Bathroom decoration should not be designed to be small and dark. The most important thing is to keep the bathroom clean. I was in a factory with the owner for acceptance, and a female engineer came. She went to the bathroom and immediately came out, then went back to the hotel. Later, she did not appear in the factory during the whole process of the visit.

Don’t interrupt when the customer is speaking. After he finishes, you can express your opinion. Once, a foreign customer wanted to find a domestic supplier to purchase equipment. So we went to a famous enterprise in the industry. The equipment in the factory was good. However, at the time of technical exchanges, the young chief engineer of this company is continually talking, and customer can’t get a word in. Later, this customer told me: “I know that this young man is good. But I am the customer, and he still has no patience to listen to me. If I work with him, I doubt if the product he offers is what I want.”

Listening is sometimes more important than expression. Only listen carefully and fully understand each others’ needs can you answer them in a targeted manner.


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