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For a long time, foreigners come to China to do business. At that time, in some state-owned enterprises, the approval for going abroad is strict. It would take almost half a year to get approval. Therefore, we are often teased by foreign clients. In general, it is the seller who visits the buyer to learn about the use of the product, client needs, and communicates with the end-user to improve the product. But in many cases, even if there are quality problems, many domestic enterprises cannot send people abroad timely, which will cause great trouble. So, clients have to come to China and work with suppliers to find solutions.


With the expansion of economic exchanges, the vision of domestic enterprises has become wider. Many companies take the initiative to go abroad to visit clients, learn about client demand, and open up markets. If you want to visit the client, you should inform him months ahead so that he has enough time to prepare. Meanwhile, you should also inform the client of the specific circumstances and reasons for this visit.

After confirming the visit time with the client, you can ask the customer to send you an invitation. Then you can go to get the visa for going abroad. Besides, there are some things that may need his help, such as booking a local hotel and arranging transportation, etc. If there is a change in the itinerary, inform him know timely.

Before going abroad, you must confirm all the items you should take, including passports, business cards, product samples, computers, technical materials, gifts, foreign exchange or credit cards, etc. Try to check carefully and don’t miss anything.


When you arrive, except the client manager, you should also greet the secretary or assistant who is in contact with you, and give them the gifts prepared in advance. The content of the discussion is similar to what is discussed when the client visits you. But, you should abide by the regulations of their company and the security system. Be punctual when you have a meeting. If it is a business meeting, especially when meeting with Japanese clients, you should wear a formal dress. If you need to do some after-sales service in the workshop, you should prepare work clothes, helmets, etc. You can also learn about the pros and cons of your products from the client. Or you communicate with users directly to get first-hand information. Of course, all this is based on the premise of not causing the customer’s trouble. Also, you should thank the client for meeting with you.

You go abroad with work. But after completing the work assignment, you can leave some time for sightseeing. This is also an opportunity to learn about foreign cultural and humanistic background, which is conducive to better communicate with customers. If you travel in the clients’ city, unless the client proposes to arrange it, you’d better get a travel agency for arrangement, avoiding bringing trouble to him.

After returning to China, send an email to the client telling you that you have returned and thank him for his hospitality. If it is necessary, you should prepare the meeting minutes for confirmation.

Every time you visit the client abroad, you can sum up the experience to find out the deficiency of this visit and how to improve next time.


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