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Do you use a cotton pad in beauty regimen? In most cases, I realize that using a cotton pad seems to be a fairly polarized theme: either you like it or you hate it! Whether you are addicted to using a cotton pad or think they are unnecessary, today’s article is worth reading.

If you are a person who likes cotton pads, this article will teach you some more creative ways to use them in your skincare routines. If you are on the other side of the fence, maybe this article will make you want to try a cotton pad for one of the handy tips!

1. Pair with your favorite clean water
This may be obvious, but using a cotton pad is the perfect way to finish AM cleaning quickly and gently. If you usually do double cleaning in the morning, this tip can save you time and money, it can even help improve your skin. Most people don’t need to do a thorough cleaning in the morning, which means you may dry your skin.

Soak a soft cotton pad with beauty water or micelle water and gently brush it on your face. It is an effective, refreshing morning clean, allowing you to get into the morning life faster.

2. Use them to remove spots
Instead of scrubbing and rubbing your eyes to take off your eye makeup at night, you can use a cotton pad to preserve your eyelashes and prevent eye irritation.

This technique is best for cotton pads, as the use of towels or towels leaves a strong cosmetic stain. Soak the cotton pad in cleansing water or clean water, divide it into two halves, and press the saturated mat onto the eyelids. Let the mat stay on the eye for about a minute, then gently wipe the eye while removing the cotton pad. Leaving the cotton pad on your eyes helps to soften and break down the eye makeup, which will make it easier to remove.

You can follow this trick with normal double cleaning! It will save you some scrubs, so your face will be less annoying.

3. Make a DIY single mask
This tip is a life change for me! For this technique, you need a soft, high quality cotton pad, don’t leave lint on your face. I like to use Klairs Toner Mate 2 in 1 cotton pad. The box has two types of mats. The first one is compressed, 100% cotton pad is suitable for all skin types, it is very suitable for cleaning, and the second is a sponge pad, which is very suitable for making your own mask.

To make a mask, soak the sponge in your favorite toner or moisturizer. The pulp mixture of the mat will absorb the toner without absorbing it and wasting the product. Once the mats are saturated, gently stretch them to cover the troublesome areas of the face, and gently place the pads on the skin and tap hard. Let the cotton pad stick to the skin for 5-10 minutes, then gently remove it and apply the remaining product to the face.

4. Use them as gentle physical savers
A good use of cotton pads that many people have not thought of is as a physical exfoliation. When you exfoliate, it is important to keep it as gentle as possible. I like to use the 100% cotton pad compressed in the Klairs Toner Mate kit.

Exfoliate and soak the cotton pad with your favorite toner. I like to use Klairs Supple Preparation facial toner because it can be used as an extra buffer to protect my skin while also preparing for my beauty routine. Supple Preparation Toner is also suitable for all skin types, from sensitive to dry to oily and prone to acne, so you won’t go wrong!

Once your cotton pad is saturated, massage your face with a slow, gentle circle and wipe off dead skin cells, dirt, sebum and debris that may be trapped deep in the pores. Your face will be soft and smooth, ready for your daily life.

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