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The company has a banquet for the tenth anniversary of its establishment and invites valuable foreign customers. So the company makes me attend as a translator for the party. What should I do to prepare for it?


Banquet translators are people who translate at large international conferences, forums, fairs or high-level receptions. Before you attend, you need to know international dining etiquette, eating habits, and international social etiquette.

As a translator, you should get speech drafts of banquets in advance. If someone wants to speak, you can talk to him in advance and get his speech draft. In this way, even if something changes in the actual speech, the difficulty of the translation will be greatly reduced.

During the party, you should accurately state the customer’s name. It is rude to call the wrong name.

When you translate on the spot, you can shorthand some keywords. When translating, for something that is not important, you just need to express the meaning clearly. Sometimes there are some government officials in the party. When introducing them, you only need to translate the main official title, and then call them Mr. After all, foreign customers don’t need to know so many titles.

If there is something that you don’t catch, or if you don’t react timely, you can translate some polite formulas first. After you catch the content, you add it. Try not to keep silence.

You should speak louder when you translate. Try to face the audience. Do not always look at the manuscript, which makes you look not professional enough.

And you should focus on the translation. If you want to eat, you should finish it in spare time. It is impolite to speak when eating. Also, you should ensure that translation services are provided when attenders need them timely.

It is recommended to put a handkerchief in the pocket for spare use. The napkin is not suitable for formal occasions.


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