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Hello friends, this is Gary, a perseverance import and export trade manager. Wecome to back our channel. Lets continue COVID-19 vaccines types, this time we talk about the inactivated vaccines.

Inactivated vaccine working mechanism is easy. When people get the real COVID-19 infection, our immune system will work to create the Antibody. But if use the live virus-cell, that will be dangerous, so scientists and doctors find a way to cultivate the virus-cell and inactivate it to make it non-toxic. Then inject those virus corpses to our body, to let our immune system remember what the virus looks like and created Antibody to prevent us.

I use a five-star evaluation to express my judgment, but vaccines technical are still developing. This is just my personal opinion based on my reference. If there is something wrong, please leave a message let me know.

Five stars mean very fastest or best, four stars mean faster or better, three stars mean normal and okay, two stars means slow and bad, and one star means very slow or very bad. Also, i use no star, i do not find any reference and can not judge.

This inactivated vaccine type is traditional and classic vaccine technical, and it have 120 years use history, so many successed vaccine work now, like influenza, Hepatitis A, and so on. So this technical, maturity, representative products and safety are fully verified.

For this reason, the first three items with five stars.

I can give four-start development speed due to high degree technical maturity, faster.

About the production speed, i only can give three star. In fact, inactivated technical is not good for mass production.

The reason is easy, If we need to cultivate the virus-cell.

First, the producing workshop need a top safety level laboratory, only a few laboratories can work this.

Second, limited by cultivating speed, the production speed hard to increase.  So this item, I only can give 3 star. not fast, not slow.

Inactivated vaccine easy for transport and storage, so i give these two items a full five stars.

What’s the pros and cons of an inactivated vaccine?

The main pros it is no risk of illness, this is a virus corpse. OK

The cons, this type of vaccine may be a weaker immune system response, so it needs injection many times, like two times.

According to the reference, the biggest cons is reinfection maybe lead to exacerbation of symptoms. This means if you vaccinated, but you infection later, that will be more dangerous than then the not vaccinated. The reason also easy, due to when you vaccinated, you have the antibody, but still infection. so which mean this is a worse situation at your body.

So this is inactivated vaccine technical and mechanism, next time we talk about Virus-Like Particles Vaccines.

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