Inspection Services

We provide free inspection services, which order amount over USD 5000. Inspection is independently conducted by professional third-party service providers, who will visit the manufacturing facilities to randomly check products, against order specifications and issue detailed industry standard reports with pictures and their findings. Ideally suited for higher value orders, with a focus on greater certainty On product quality.

Bureau Veritas

Production On-site Check
Maximum 2-hour Service

Workmanship Check 1-50 pieces
Function Check 1 piece
Contract Product Quality 3 pieces
Conformity Check 3 pieces
Quantity Verification ALL
*Inspection standard : ANSI/ASQ Z1.4, ISO2859 Special Inspection Level S-3
*Basic inspection: Random sample check ≤ 50 pieces

China Certification & Inspection Group

Production On-site Check

Maximum 8-hour Service

Workmanship Check 1-500 pieces
Function Check 3 pieces
Contract Product Quality 10 pieces
Conformity Check 3 pieces
Quantity Verification ALL
*Inspection standard: ANSI/ASQ Z1.4, ISO2859 General Inspection Level G-II
*Basic inspection: Random sample check ≤ 500 pieces

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