Inspection Services

We provide one-time free inspection service to you, which order amount over USD 5000. Inspection is independently conducted by professional third-party service providers. They will randomly check the product at the production site according to the specification of the order, and issue a detailed industry standard report with pictures and their findings. It is ideally suitable for higher value orders, with a focus on greater certainty on product quality.

Bureau Veritas

Production On-site Check
Maximum 2-hour Service

Workmanship Check 1-50 pieces
Function Check 1 piece
Contract Product Quality 3 pieces
Conformity Check 3 pieces
Quantity Verification ALL
*Inspection standard : ANSI/ASQ Z1.4, ISO2859 Special Inspection Level S-3
*Basic inspection: Random sample check ≤ 50 pieces

China Certification & Inspection Group

Production On-site Check

Maximum 8-hour Service

Workmanship Check 1-500 pieces
Function Check 3 pieces
Contract Product Quality 10 pieces
Conformity Check 3 pieces
Quantity Verification ALL
*Inspection standard: ANSI/ASQ Z1.4, ISO2859 General Inspection Level G-II
*Basic inspection: Random sample check ≤ 500 pieces

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