Is Foreign Trade Newcomer’s Income Generally Low? Leave a comment


The foreign trade company I am going to sign only promises a monthly income of 2,500 yuan plus some commissions. Even as a newcomer, I think it’s too low to have a foothold in Shanghai. So I hesitate.


If you have a better choice, you can give up the foreign trade company.

However, objectively speaking, newcomers will take a period of training and guidance when entering the company. During this period, newcomers are cost centers with little output. Even if you graduate from a famous university with many certifications as CET-6, TEM-8, BEC, the value you can create in the short term will be limited.

Of course, you can do some work such as translation, documentation, or assistance to other employees. However, if it is only for these jobs, the monthly income of 2,500 yuan plus some commissions is not too low.


When a newcomer enters the company, the main task is to learn, to accumulate, and to experience. At this time, the company can hardly get any benefits from you, but to invest in you, such as your salary, benefits, training. It may take a long time for these investments to output. Until you have developed some customers with orders and profits, the company can get benefits from you. Then, your commission and income will increase.

Newcomers should have a long-term vision and don’t worry too much about the immediate gains and losses. If you think this company is good and has enough room to grow, you should not worry too much about instant revenue. After all, you are still in the beginning stage, and you should focus on learning. You need to accumulate experience and relationship, and lay a solid foundation for future success. These may be more important than 500 yuan or 800 yuan a month.


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