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Keqiao/Yongkang Import & Export Index

Keqiao/Yongkang Import & Export Index include Keqiao textile prosperity index and Yongkang hardware prosperity index. Please see below details.

Keqiao Textile Prosperity Index also called prosperity degree, based on the scientific product classification, build up the comprehensive index system (mainly consist of visiting flow, logistics and capital circulation, which reflect market development scale, and a series of index about industrial prosperity), and establish comprehensive index which reflects China textile city market and industrial development, calculated by statistic module in multiple levels and structures, by means of comprehensive valuation theory and methods. Keqiao/yongkong Import & Export Index

Yongkang Hardware Prosperity Index is based on scientific commodity classification to build a comprehensive index system (mainly composed of four indicators such as element supply, market demand, operating efficiency, and overall business judgment), and establish a multi-level structure based on comprehensive evaluation theories and methods It is a comprehensive index calculated by embedded statistical model to reflect the development trend of hardware products. The value of the prosperity index is between 0 and 200, and 100 is the line of prosperity and decline; an index value greater than 100 indicates that the economy is in a state of expansion. The closer its value is to 200, the more prosperous the economy is; the index value less than 100 indicates that the economy is falling State, the closer its value is to 0, the more depressed the economy is.

Keqiao/yongkong Import & Export Index. Wuhan Extripod E-Commerce Co.Ltd. is a professional export-oriented modernized enterprises. From established we are target to provide professional trade services to our clients. Help your clients to build more advantage in them business. Help my value clients to try more and more product to build more advantages in them business. Help our clients to get stable and reasonable product from market. Keqiao/yongkong Import & Export Index

Use $9.6 million square kilometers resources to help our customers reach and exceed business goals.

Our Godliness: More Professional, More Future.

Our Objectives: Provide value trade services. More then 10000 products. Link all country resource and products.

Our Vision: To be the best value foreign trade partner. Get reasonable price. High credit for all provide products. Evaluate and assist to customize product plans. Financial support and consolidation. Work as company partner.

Our Values:

Diversity Products: we are fource to provide deversity products ranges. Keep updateing and make catalogue to show you.

Let customer keep learning: We are learn product from visit factory, exhibition, etc. Than we make short videos or images to let our clients know factory detail, do not need to China, just go to our website.

Excavation value and reasonable price: Combined with international situation and products trends, we help our customer to build more advantage in them market and increase them brand value.

Truthful feedback: we are loyal to our client, we are hope keep all problem within borders. To give our customer know all truthfully.

Professional & Growth: Evaluate and feedback everytime process, to make your services more professional and growth your process ability. Keqiao/yongkong Import & Export Index

Keqiao/yongkong Import & Export Index

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