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1. Know when to use elastic/wound bandages. When the wound is too large to be covered with a strip of bandage, it is best to cover the wound with gauze and elastic/wrapped bandages. These bandages are ideal for larger limbs, such as arms or legs, because the bandages are neatly wrapped around the limbs.

2. Protect the gauze. The elastic/wrapped bandage is not designed to cover the wound. Before using the bandage, you need to apply sterile gauze to the wound. Make sure the gauze covers the entire wound. It is best to use a gauze pad that is slightly larger than the wound.
If necessary, attach the tape to the outside of the gauze pad itself to secure it until you cover it with an elastic bandage.
Similarly, you can apply a cream on the pad to help disinfect and heal the wound.

3. Wrap the elastic bandage. Once the gauze pad is in place, you need to wrap the area with an elastic bandage. The bandage is first wrapped around the wound. Move up, use a bandage, and cover at least half of the bandage each time you pass. When you attach the bandage to the position above the wound, you will be done.

4. Apply a bandage. Now that the elastic/wrapped bandage has been applied, you need to fix it. This can be done in a variety of ways. You can use tape or a clip to hold the end of the elastic bandage in place. Make sure the bandage is not too tight before fixing the end of the bandage.

5. Change regularly. In order to burn and heal the wound, you need to remove the elastic bandage from time to time. Every time you remove the bandage, be sure to thoroughly clean and dry the wound so that it is left open for a few minutes. As a general rule, you need to change the bandage at least once a day, or when the wound drains soak the gauze pad.

6. Understand the purpose of the bandage. Although many people think that bandages are used to stop bleeding or infection, they are actually used to fix dressings. The bandage is accompanied by a little dressing (such as a band-aid) or placed on a separate sterile dressing. This is important because if you just put a bandage on the wound without a dressing, the wound will continue to bleed and become infected. Do not place the bandage directly on the wound.

7. Use a bandage for breaking and dislocation. Not all bandages must be used on wounds; you can also use bandages to break bones and dislocations. If you experience a fracture, arm dislocation, eye problems or other internal injuries, you can use a bandage to support and fix it. The only difference in dressing internal injuries is that you don’t have to use any gauze/dressing. These injuries use a special type of bandage (as opposed to a band-aid or similar bandage). Triangular bandages, T-shaped bandages or bandages are usually used for support.
This way you can support any suspected fracture or dislocation before you see a doctor.

8. Know when to seek medical assistance. Bandaging minor wounds is suitable for home treatment, but if you have experienced severe wounds, you should bandage them as a way to protect your wounds until you can seek appropriate medical care. If you are not sure if your wound/injury constitutes “serious injury,” you should call your local nurse hotline and seek advice.
If you bandage the wound and have not started healing or caused significant pain after 24 hours, you should see a doctor for help.
If the wound is larger than 3 cm, there is skin loss and/or involves underlying tissue, it is best to seek medical assistance.

9. Clean and treat the wound before dressing. If you are not in an emergency or in a hurry, you should spend some time thoroughly cleaning the wound before dressing. Rinse the wound with water, remove debris, and kill any bacteria with soap or disinfectant. Dry the wound and apply an antiseptic cream to prevent infection

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