LED Studio Light

[sumi_heading style=”style1″ title=”LED Light” desc=”The LED Light series is designed in a gorgeous circular-shape-mirror-style providing extremely soft lighting for all applications.

Any illuminated objects under the LED light would look soft and just fantastic without the help of any other light modifiers.

The series (round shape) come in different shapes: round, square and rectangle.

All models are able to adjust color temperature from 3200K – 5600K, with TLCI of 95.5.

A delicated control box is attached at the back of the light with LCD touch screen control. Desirable light can be adjusted easily. It is also designed to have the mutual control system (Share your move function) allowing an easy operation for multiple units.” sumi_custom_id=”sumi_custom_5d1af5abc701b” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fwww.extripod.com%2Fproduct%2F28w-68w-dimmable-led-video-panel-light-film-studio-photography-continuous-light%2F|title:PRODUCT|target:%20_blank|”]

[sumi_heading style=”style1″ title=”ROLL-FLEX LED light” desc=”The new ROLL-FLEX LED light is developed with the latest LED technology to perform roll-able and flexible movement with a 10mm thickness of slim panel. The ROLL-FLEX comes in different models with different sizes, power ouput, and color setting to aim for all types of production works (EX-8T / 18W / daylight / 210x210mm ; EX-12T / 34W / daylight / 460x320mm ; EX-12TD / 50W / bi-color / 460x320mm ; EX-18T / 62W / daylight / 610x460mm ; EX-18TD / 100W / bi-color / 610x460mm).
It is handy light weight and easy to carry around which is great to use as a LED reflector fill light. With the help of the bracket stand, you can mount the Roll-Flex on a light stand in order to use as a LED panel.
The external control box is connected to the flex light, with LCD touch screen control, desirable color and power setting can be adjusted easily. Share Your Move (mutual control) is also applied to the control box allowing an easy operation with multiple units.” sumi_custom_id=”sumi_custom_5d1af5abc70dd” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fwww.extripod.com%2Fproduct%2F34w-led-portable-photo-light-rollable-cloth-led-camera-photography-light%2F|title:PRODUCT|target:%20_blank|” hidden_markup=””]
[sumi_heading style=”style1″ title=”LPL Series” desc=”The LPL series is a new slim soft LED fill light. The LPL series equipped with new SMD LED which allow our R&D team to design in thin and streamline metal housing. All models are equipped with a front diffuser which can generate soften light source. With CRI 95 readings, it can generate great light source for video and photography production.
The design has also considered maximizing the mobility and usage which AC/DC operation is enabled. Each light is included a durable carrying bag or case.The LPL series has developed into two versions, Tungsten / Daylight (3000K/5600K) and Bi-Color (3000- 8000K).” sumi_custom_id=”sumi_custom_5d1af5abc715f” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fwww.extripod.com%2Fproduct%2Fprofessional-ultra-thin-led-photography-external-shootin-light%2F|title:%20PRODUCT|target:%20_blank|”]
[sumi_heading style=”style1″ title=”LED Ring Light” desc=”LED ring light series are able to create fascinating eyes light for portrait photography or video production. In a few years of development on LED ring light, we have developed multi-functional LED ring lights to suit for different needs of filming.
New added Wi-Fi feature to remote control through mobile APP ( DVR-160TW / 32W / SMD LED / Wi-Fi Feature ).
The new LED ring light is designed to generate better eyes light with the circular shape to enable a better fill lighting on an object. It is equipped with soft light diffuser which can lower the glare and allows the model to perform the best.
DVR-series ring light is compatible with both AC and DC (Sony F mount) power which is convenient for outdoor photography and video production.” sumi_custom_id=”sumi_custom_5d1af5abc7220″ link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fwww.extripod.com%2Fproduct%2Fled-ring-light-photography-video-camera-light%2F|title:PRODUCT|target:%20_blank|”]
[sumi_heading style=”style1″ title=”LED Panel Light” desc=”We have been developed the classic LED panel for years, by listening to feedback from users and thanks to the hard work of our R&D team, the classic LED panel has developed to have more functions, pleasant using experience, and our best selling LED products at all time. All of our Classic LED panels are equipped with high CRI LED bulb which can achieve reading of CRI 95+. There are also different size, power and function for customer to choose. The design is also considered the available range of usage and all models are equipped with a SONY V-mount / Anton Bauer battery mount, which allow outdoor working.
The Bi-Color Version
Most of our LED panel has Bi-Color version (3000K-8000K). The Bi-color version is equipped with digital touch screen display which allow users to adjust color temperature / intensity. The display enable a fast and accurate setting for users and which makes them always the best selling models.
The DMX Version
Some of the our LED panel are able to equip DMX control system. Customers can connect multiple panels in a studio and control with a DMX panel which is very suitable for broadcasting use. Both daylight and Bi-color version are able to equip DMX control system.
The WIFI Version
Some of our LED panel are able to equip WIFI control system. With the preset WIFI USB port and WIFI USB receiver, customers are able to control multiple LED panel with Falcon Eyes’ mobile application. The application allow group control, fast input setting, memory setting, which can provide an extraordinary control experience to users.
The Soft Light Version
Soft-Light has been well applied in many kinds of production filming, as well as photo portrait The new LPW-100TD and LPW-150TD are built with latest technology and white diffusor plate in order to produce pure soft light, any objects under the LPW-TD Soft Version would look soft and natural without the help of additional light modifiers.” sumi_custom_id=”sumi_custom_5d1af5abc7328″ link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fwww.extripod.com%2Fproduct%2Fdimmable-panel-led-video-light-fill-photo-light-kit-set%2F|title:%20PRODUCT|target:%20_blank|”]
[sumi_heading style=”style1″ title=”LED Fresnel Light” desc=”Our CLL & DLL series LED Fresnel is designed for professional filming and broadcasting use. Equipped with high CRI LED chips, CLL & DLL series is able to reach CRI 95+ which can satisfy the standard requirement of filming and broadcasting.
CLL & DLL series is divided into different models with output from 160W to 750W while DLL series has 160W & 300W.
To enhance the usage of the CLL & DLL series in different environment, Falcon Eyes has divided the CLL & DLL series into WIFI control and DMX control.The WIFI control enable users to control multiple units with a smart device application under WIFI connection. It can make a fast and accurate setup and it free users from spending time to setup each single fixture.The design of CLL & DLL series also considered the need of silent environment. The cooling fan of each model can switch off and it’ll remain 50% output. A temperature display will show the light temperature and if the temperature reach 75℃, the heat protection system will be activated. This will ensure the product life and the users’ safety.” sumi_custom_id=”sumi_custom_5d1af5abc73ac” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fwww.extripod.com%2Fproduct%2Fphotographic-spotlight-adjustable-focus-lamp%2F%3Fpreview_id%3D16131%26preview_nonce%3D708d34dad5%26_thumbnail_id%3D-1%26preview%3Dtrue|title:%20PRODUCT|target:%20_blank|”]
[sumi_heading style=”style1″ title=”Handheld LED Light Stick” desc=”The SABER series is a handheld LED light stick. It is perfect to use as a dose fill light. SABER ONE & SABER TWO are the most popular model as it has equipped a mutual control technology. It is designed with A, B, C three groups control channels in order to adjust multiple lights simultaneously or in groups, with dimmable output. In order to make them more users friendly, we have designed with 4 often used color temperatures 3200/5000/5600/8000K as quick selection to convenient the outdoor photography. The main different between SABER ONE & SABER TWO is SABER ONE has built-in battery which is rechargeable. SABER TWO has F-mount battery plate attached at the back and able to work with SONY F-mount battery. There are also optional accessories which enable a more creative light effect which is waiting to be discovered.
SABER THREE is a complete different model from SABER ONE & TWO. It is a 3-in-1 LED stick light which gives you a lightweight Lumen in LED sticks and LED ring light, as well as a portable battery pack of 4600mAh. The SABER 3 is designed to be light on housing with rotatable filter which enable a color temperature of 3200K or 5600K. The interesting feature about the SABER THREE battery handle is that it can also work with the DVR-112V ring light. It can also work as a portable battery pack for charging your phone or camera accessories.” sumi_custom_id=”sumi_custom_5d1af5abc74b0″ link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fwww.extripod.com%2F%3Fpost_type%3Dproduct%26p%3D16163%26preview%3Dtrue|title:PRODUCT|target:%20_blank|” hidden_markup=””]

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