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Hello friends, this is Gary, a perseverance import and export trade manager. Welcome to back our channel. Let’s continue COVID-19 vaccines types, Today we talk about the fourth vaccines type, you see this, this is Live Attenuated influenza vaccines.

We talk about if only use the spike protein, that may be weak for immunity system responses. So Scientist or doctor maybe can use other harmless viruses to carry the spike protein to stimulate. Maybe can work better.  So this live-Attenuated vaccine comes out.

This type of vaccine, using the approved influenza virus as a carrier, carrying the Spike protein, co-stimulates the human body to produce antibodies against the two viruses. The fusion virus formed by low-toxicity influenza virus wearing the “hat” of the  Spike protein can prevent both influenza and coronavirus.

One vaccine to created two antibody, sounds great, right? and due to the use influenza virus, this vaccine no need injection, just need to drop the vaccine to the nose, that is enough.

This type of vaccine is also a highly technical maturity, so the first three items are full stars. As you can see, if there are successful products in the market, the first three items are a full start. Because those are fully verified by the market.

But about the development speed, no good, need a long time. If only spike protein, that’s fast, but right now need to find a good driver to carry the spike protein, that’s hard.

But if successful, they are production speed is faster.

For transportation and stroage, This vaccine needs very strict cold chain transportation and storage, and easy to damages. I give three starts and be two starts. A little bit hard. The reason is easy to understand, that’s the influenza virus, should be kept in a cold place.

The pros and cons,

First, one vaccine to double effect, this can simulate strong immune system response. And antibody can keep for a long time. The main pros it is easy to form a population immune barrier.

About the cons, we injection live influenza virus into our body which carries the spike proteins, if you are low immunity ability people, maybe you will get sick like flu. But if this influenza virus reverts, that will be dangerous.

And also need a cold chain for transportation and storage.  Those are the cons

You can see, if we need to kill the enemy, we can cooperate with another enemy. I have questions, If you know you will injection the influenza virus, what are you think about it.

Ok, next time i will discuss, other virus carriage vaccine

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