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Hello friends, this is Gary, a perseverance import and export trade manager. Welcome to back our channel. Today i will finish 7 type COVID-19 vaccines, the final contents, Two types of nucleic acid vaccine, mRNA and DNA. This is  Third generation vaccines technology. Very very new technology.

First, Let check the vaccine mechanism.

Those use Spike protein genes encoding. Then Directly inject Spike protein mRNA or DNA into the human body, and tell the body to synthesize Spike protein inside our body, then those Spike protein stimulate our body to produce Antibody.

I checked many references, but I do not found any successful vaccine before. maybe this time mRNA or DNA vaccine is the first successful vaccine.

For me, I can not accept this type of vaccine, tell our body to synthesize spike protein, then use spike protein to stimulate antibody.

These two types of vaccine maybe will change your body,  make you become a superman, a spike protein superman.

For evaluations, I only can give five stars at development speed and production speed.  I checked many references, the biggest pros is this.

Ok let check the cons,  for mRNA, the self-stability is weak, which means not easy to store.

Immune tolerance, I think this is maybe your body synthesize too much spike protein, so your body thinks spike protein is good, they can not work anymore.

Long term potential risk not clear. for me, I can not accept this con.

Ok check the DNA, the evaluation reason is the same, only development and production speed are five stats, fastest.

DNA vaccines have been used to develop various human pathogens, such as HIV, influenza virus, malaria, hepatitis B virus, respiratory syncytial virus and herpes simplex virus, and have entered clinical trials. Currently, no DNA vaccines have been approved for marketing, but DNA vaccines have been used in the field of animal vaccines for many years, and a variety of animal DNA vaccines have been approved.

right now not successful human use vaccine, all are animal use vaccines. like cow vaccine or pig vaccines.

Let check DNA cons,

First not efficient, if not efficient, why we use that?

effective is relatively slow,  slow I can accept,  just ok.

Risk of integration into the host chromosome. this I can not accept.

For nucleic acid vaccines, I think they are great, and they are also the is the future medical technology. As a third-generation vaccine, they certainly have more good advantages, but as an individual, I think I will only choose mature products because my ultimate goal is to resist the virus. That’s it. That’s enough.

Finally, I want to say that I have consulted a lot of information from the CDC to the WHO, my evolution maybe not right, but pros and cons are from them. It may not be absolutely accurate, but this does not prevent us from knowing the working mechanism of each vaccine.

I think it is enough, As ordinary people, we just need to know how these vaccines work. Going back to my first question, we just need to know what’s substance will into our body when we get the vaccine, and then what will happen next.

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