Parts of Previous Goods Rusted, Clients Ask to Replenish Freely Leave a comment


The client suggests that very few parts are found to be rusty in the equipment and goods we have provided before. He asked us to replenish them for free through DDP and bear all the costs. Is this requirement reasonable?


If it is your quality problem, and in the quality assurance period of the product, I think the customer’s request is reasonable.

However, it is not rigorous to agree to the request immediately only by the customer’s oral presentation.

First of all, you must contact the client to find out when the rusty parts are ordered, when they are delivered, what the preservation is, and if there are photos.

Once a client sent an e-mail to say that one of our products was unqualified. I asked him to provide pictures of the product and some information. After he provided the photo, we found that the logo on this product was not our company at all. Maybe he made a mistake.

On another occasion, a client sent us some photos saying that the product was partially deformed. We learned that these products were supplied four years ago. They have already passed the quality assurance period, and deformation is a normal thing. So we explained to the client, and he gave up.

But sometimes, it’s not your problem, and some clients want you to bear it. So be sure to analyze. If it’s not your responsibility, explain it clearly. But don’t say it too bluntly, it will affect cooperation.


Generally, the reason for the rust of the parts is that the packing seal is poor, the product is damp, and the anti-rust oil or protective layer (paint) on the surface of the product is not protective. Or for a long time, these protection measures have failed. Some are the reasons for production and packaging, some of which are the reasons for customer preservation. You must know it. If this is your cause, in addition to providing compensation or remedy, you should also feedback to the production and quality control department to avoid similar problems in future work.

If it is indeed your cause that the parts are rusty, you should bear the freight courier, indicating SAMPLES USE, NO COMMERCIAL VALUE. The customer does not need to declare customs, nor does it have to bear any entry fees, which is consistent with the customer’s DDP requirements.

If the value of the part is relatively high and must be declared, in this case, it is reasonable that the customer asks you to send it by DDP. To the customer, he has paid the duty on the import of the product. You should pay for this second tariff. Moreover, the amount of this part is tiny compared with the amount of the entire contract. There is no need to over-count. Otherwise, it will affect cooperation.


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