Sharp bottom flat centrifuge tube 50ML (1)
Centrifuge Tube5 products
Urine collection tube plastic test tube (1)
Cryotube & Urinary Catheter3 products
Plastic tissue cassette (2)
Embedding Box2 products
Plastic refrigerated tube box 100 holes (1)
Experiment Frame5 products
Glass round dyeing cylinder
Laboratory Glassware6 products
The culture plate 96 holes can be removed
Petri Dish6 products
Multi-standard sampling cup (2)
Sample Cup4 products
Round sampling rod (1)
Sampling Rod & Pusher2 products
High quality slide clip 2 pieces (1)
Slide Container7 products
One-time embedding box (1)
Slides & Coverslips7 products
Multi-standard pipette plastic tip (1)
Straw & Tip3 products
PE plastic test tube stopper (1)
Test Tube & Test Tube Stopper3 products

Laboratory Consumables

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