1200L Plastic Trash Can

1200L Plastic Trash Can, also known as a waste bin or a garbage bin, refers to a place where garbage is placed. Most of them are made of metal or plastic. When they are used, they are put into plastic bags. When there is more garbage, they can be tied up and thrown away. The plastic material is easy to process and easy to clean, suitable for indoor use. In the outdoor, there is a requirement for materials: that is, it is not easy to age

Garbage cans can be divided into public trash cans and household trash cans. The form of garbage can be divided into separate trash cans and classified trash cans. The public trash can has special requirements for the environment: it can withstand high and low temperature under natural outdoor conditions, and has sufficient mechanical strength and good impact toughness. Easy to clean and integrate with the environment.1200L Plastic Trash Can

Indoor trash cans, kitchens and bathrooms are best to use a tightly sealed trash can with a lid. Even if you use an open trash can with a plastic bag inside, you must also fasten the mouth of the bag. And it is best to dump the garbage every day, especially the garbage and toilet garbage. You can’t stay in the trash can and don’t fall over. This can prevent the emission of mold and odor.

Product advantages
1. Plastic material is easy to process and easy to clean
2. Facilitate the storage and management of garbage
3. Can prevent odors
4. Variety of styles, good quality and low price
5. Sufficient inventory

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