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12oz (350ml) Disposable Biodegradable And Compostable Sugarcane Bagasse Bowl

Quotation Terms:FOB
Shipping Port: Shanghai
Quotation Unit:1 carton
Packing:50Pcs/Bag 20Bags/Ctn (1000pcs/ctn)
Minimum Order Quantity:1 carton
Product Delivery: 20 Days
Style: 12oz bowl (350ml)


12oz (350ml) Disposable Biodegradable And Compostable Sugarcane Bagasse Bowl

12oz (350ml) Disposable biodegradable and compostable sugarcane bagasse bowl, built-in laminating, waterproof and oil-proof, environmentally safe, can be in direct contact with food, easy to use. It can prevent food from being contaminated and the soup leaks, which effectively prolongs the shelf life of the food. It is non-toxic and has no side effects on the human body during production and use.It is easy to use , and has been widely used in the catering industry. Because it is made of paper materials, it can be recycled without causing serious environmental pollution and has high environmental value.

Product Features of disposable biodegradable and compostable sugarcane bagasse bowl
1. The material is eco-friendly, sugarcane.
2. Bio-degradable tableware is available because we may use sugarcane material.
3. All products are clean and food grade.
4. Certificates of FDA,SEDEX,EU test,BRC,US California Proposition 655. Application: party,hotel.restaurant,picnic,catering.

100% Biodegradable Sugarcane
1. NSF/BRC/ISO9001:2000/ISO14001/FDA, approval
2. Recyclable & 3 months of naturally degradation
 3. Oil-proof & Waterproof, no leaking
4. Non-toxic & Microwave safe
1 carton
Regular Sizes for your Reference(Diameter×Height –Size)
Standard Size For Bowl
Standard Size For Plate
Standard Size For Food Container
L001 — φ155×54(H) — 500ml (18oz)
P004 — φ 151×14(H) — 6″ round plate
B001 — 271(L) x 182(W) x 45(H) — 7″*5″
L003– φ152×46(H) — 340ml (12oz)
P011 — φ 180×18(H) — 7″ round plate
B002 — 323(L) x 251(W) x 50(H) — 9″*6″ 2 compartment
L006 — φ 189×41(H)– 680ml (24oz)
P006 — φ 220×19(H) — 8.75″ round plate
B024 — 305(L) x 150(W) x 50(H) — 5″*5″
L014 —  φ 175×67(H) — 950ml (32oz)
P013 — φ 230×21(H) — 9″ round plate
B025 — 470(L) x 238(W) x 56(H) — 9″*9″
L026 — φ 135×47(H) — 350ml (12oz)
P012 — φ 230×21(H) — 9″ 3 compartment plate
B026 — 433(L) x 207(W) x 41(H) — 8″*8″
L015 — φ 114×44(H) — 250ml (9oz)
P007 — φ 261×26(H) — 10″ 3 compartment plate
B030 — 323(L) x 251(W) x 50(H) — 9″*6″
L046 — φ 123×41(H) — 200ml
P020 — 263(L)x199(W)x20(H) — 10″*8″ oval plate
B031 — 438(L) x 206(W) x 42(H) — 8″*8″ 3 compartment
L061 — φ 152×46(H) — 350ml (12oz) P030 — 318(L)x255(W)x22(H) — 12.5″*10″ oval plate B032 — 470(L) x 237(W) x 55(H) — 9″*9″ 3 compartment
L063 — φ 211×60(H) — 950ml (32oz) P036 — 160(L)x160(W)x15(H) — 6″ square plate B034 — 310(L) x 230(W) x 51(H) — 9″*6″
P035 — 200(L)x200(W)x15(H) — 8″ square plate B036 — 442(L) x 203(W) x 47(H) — 8″*8″
P031 — 262(L)x262(W)x19(H) — 10″ square plate B037 — 467(L) x 229(W) x 47(H) — 9″*9″
B037 3-C — 467(L) x 229(W) x 47(H) — 9″*9″ 3 compartment
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