Active Carbon Dust Mask Dust-proof Face Mask without valve

Active carbon dust mask is a non-woven cup-type mask with an aluminum nose bridge and two rubber band. It’s with special 4-ply compound design with active-carbon to resist Avian Flu Virus, SARS Virus, saliva, nuisance organic acid vapors such as H2S, SO2, H2, N2 and micron dust.

Because dust mask low costs and simply to use, and provide good filtration efficiency, particularly against non-toxic dust, particles and pollen. So face mask widely used in factories, mines, cleaning operations, etc. It has a strong adsorption capacity for harmful substances such as dust in the air.

Disposable Active carbon dust Mask details:
1. Aluminum nose bridge, which fits each different nose shape to achieve a perfect fit
2. Four-dimensional design, adding three-dimensional space to the nose, breathing more smoothly, wearing more comfortable
3. Nose seals are added to the nose bridge to make the mask and nose bridge fit perfectly, effectively preventing dust
4. Four layers of precision materials for good protection

Advantages for head -mounted Active carbon dust Mask :
1. According to face engineering, three-dimensional design
2. Well sealing effect to prevent dust from entering the gap
3. Good filtration, after testing, filter up to 99% for particles above 0.3 microns
4. Widely used, it can protect decoration dust, industrial dust, influenza virus, bacteria, PM2.5 particles, etc.

Package Detail: 20pcs/box 20box/carton 62*26*38CM

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