Adjustable aluminum alloy anti-skid bath stool

Adjustable aluminum alloy anti-skid bath stool is an adjustable aluminum alloy anti-skid bath stool. Divided into a belt with a backrest and no backrest. Engineering invisible armrests, simple and not ordinary. Non-slip texture, engineering curve. The increased suction pad type of foot pad increases the force area of ​​the ground and is stable even on the ground with water. The design of the pyramid structure is narrow and wide, stable, and the elderly and pregnant women can use it with peace of mind. The thick aluminum material is durable and has a load capacity of 272 kg. The design of the invisible armrest helps to get up firmly. The new backrest upgrade is more stable and does not shake. No tools, aluminum alloy, non-slip. New upgrade, structural upgrade, U-shaped seat plate design, you can wash the lower body while sitting, both men and women can use. The new backrest link point is 5 points, which is tighter and does not shake. The accessories are upgraded, the screws are enlarged triangle hand-wound type, no tools are needed, and the tightening is tighter.
Product introduction: U-shaped seat plate, increase and widen, different body types can easily seat. The height of the 8th gear can be adjusted and can be used at different heights. PE waterproof seat plate with holes, can directly contact the skin, non-slip texture, can keep the seat plate dry and non-slip with backrest, bathing is more comfortable. The backrest is detachable at any time and is more convenient to use in different occasions. Both sides have a shower head placement stand that can be installed by yourself. Invisible armrests, safety does not affect the appearance. It adopts aluminum alloy main frame, thickened 1.2MM pipe, and the bearing capacity is up to 272 kg, which is stable and light. The height of the 8th gear can be adjusted and can be used at different heights. The large pad of vacuum suction cup principle is designed to be stable and non-slip. Wetlands are more slip resistant and adapt to a variety of road surfaces. The concave suction pad is used for the anti-slip stability. A chair is more than a bath chair, but also can be used as a home chair, desk chair, dining table and chair.

Wrestling in the bathroom is endless, with an Adjustable aluminum alloy anti-skid bath stool  to avoid wrestling and make the bath more rest assured.

Product advantages
1. Adjustable
2. Aluminum alloy main frame, thickened pipe, stable and light
3. Easy to disassemble without tools
4. Height 8 adjustable, suitable for different heights
5. High quality aluminum alloy
6. The backrest can be removed at any time
7. A multi-purpose chair
8. Load 272 kg
9. 5-layer thick cardboard box, delivery guarantee

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