Aluminum Single Crutches

Aluminum Single Crutches is a lightweight aluminum single crutches walker that is interchangeable with one foot and four feet.
Bronze main frame, beautiful and generous. T-shaped PVC comfortable grip, long-term grip is not tired. Lightweight aluminum alloy body, lightweight and portable. The height is adjustable in 10 steps, suitable for people of all heights, marble-type switching, and the elderly can easily operate. The aluminum alloy is fixed to the buckle and is stable without shaking. Four-legged base for non-slip stability. The aluminum alloy material is not easy to crack, anti-slip and anti-sway, and bears 400 kg. The net weight is only 0.6kg, it is not tired, it is as light as Feiyan. In single-leg mode, it can be used indoors, which is light and convenient. In the four-legged mode, it is suitable for outdoor use and is stable. The ergonomic non-slip handle fits the hand design for a more comfortable grip.
The main frame of aluminum alloy is used, and the wall thickness is 1.5MM, which is stable and light. Rubber non-slip mats and built-in steel sheet for more wear resistance.

used as a walking support tool for elderly people with mobility problems, certain traumatic, hemiplegia patients and disabled people to use themselves for self-help or physical exercise. People can easily walk slowly. It improves the lifestyle of people with problems with their legs and feet, allowing them to engage in outdoor activities on their own. It is an indispensable medical product for the elderly and those in need to improve their quality of life. The anti-skid device under the cane is the most critical part of the cane.

Product advantages
1. Bronze main frame, beautiful and generous
2. One foot and four feet are interchangeable
3. PVC comfortable grip
4. Height 10 adjustable, suitable for different heights
5. Load capacity 400 kg
6. 0.6kg net weight, light weight
7. High quality aluminum alloy, stable and durable
8. 10 files can be adjusted for different heights
9. Aluminum alloy fixed buckle, stable and not shaking
10. Non-slip mat, built-in steel, non-slip and durable

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