Anti-Dirty Wear-Resistant Easy To Tear Sole Film Glue

Anti-Dirty Wear-Resistant Easy To Tear Sole Film Glue is made of PVC resin film, which has high viscosity, good transparency and gloss. After peeling off, there is no colloid residue on the bonded surface.

Anti-Dirty Wear-Resistant Easy To Tear Sole Film Glue.Made of environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic and odorless. It is used to protect the product from dust, oil, moisture and water. It is especially important that the scotch tape is used to evenly force the article to avoid damage to the article due to uneven force. The transparent tape is viscous enough, has good fixability, large tension, and is not easy to break and is firmer. A selection of high-quality glue, no degumming, to prevent the loss of goods caused by broken boxes. High performance tapes perform well even in extreme weather conditions. It has excellent chemical resistance, easy tearing, wear resistance and no residual glue.

Scope of application: transport packaging, sealing and fixing

Product advantages:
1. Strong viscosity, not easy to degumming
2. Winding tight, not easy to break
3. Strong adhesion, high strength hot melt adhesive
4. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, waterproof and moisture-proof

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80MM, 90MM, 100MM, 110MM, 120MM


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