Bathroom toilet handrail

Bathroom toilet handrails, elderly pregnant women and children are needed, starting from the heart, starting from this. 1. Height-free adjustment 2. Punch-free installation 3. Fish scale welding 4. Vacuum suction pad 4. Aluminum alloy, portable
Product introduction: 1. Handrail integrated welding, bearing capacity is stronger 2,. High-quality aluminum alloy material, durable 3. Innovative curved rod design, fit the toilet, does not occupy space 4. Diameter 10CM floor mat, very stable 5. Fish scale welded main frame, stronger bearing capacity 6. Upgraded toilet armrest rearward More suitable for 7. Both sides of the front and back, if you want to use it, use 8.
Adjustable width two steps 9. Height 6 adjustable

Details show: 1. PVC anti-slip handrail, waterproof and durable 2. Thickened 1.25MM aluminum alloy material 3. Beautiful and elegant style 4. Snap-on link, more stable, not shaking

Product advantages:
1. Aluminum alloy main frame, thickened pipe, stable and light
2. Beautiful and elegant style
3. Height width adjustable for different heights
4. PVC non-slip armrest, waterproof and durable
5. Load capacity 200 kg
6. Diameter 10CM floor mat, very stable

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