Black leather steel head safty shoes cover

Shoe covers, also known as shoe covers, are common dust protection products that are convenient for guests to take off their shoes and achieve environmental pollution.

This product is called Black leather steel head safty shoes cover. Leather, anti-piercing and anti-smashing, non-slip wear-resistant, oil and acid resistant, breathable and lightweight.

Product introduction: 1. Customized extra large steel toe cap, suitable for 35-46 shoe size, to meet different wearing needs. 2. The sole is made of natural rubber and has anti-skid properties. 3. The sole is uneven and has a good anti-slip function. 4. Function: anti-drop, anti-piercing, non-slip, waterproof and breathable 5. High-quality elastic band, the maximum length is 46 pairs of shoes, width 40MM, wearing stable and comfortable 7. The laces are tightened to make it more comfortable to wear. 8. High quality cowhide, tear resistant and stretchable.

product advantages:
1. High quality leather, breathable and comfortable
2. Extra large steel toe cap to meet different wearing needs
3. Rubber material sole, wear-resistant anti-slip
4. The sole is uneven and non-slip
5. Lace is elastic and elastic
6. Anti-drop, anti-piercing, anti-slip

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