Burger Box Hamburger Packing Box Hamburger Box Burning Box

Burger Box Hamburger Packing Box Hamburger Box Burning Box , used as packaging . Built-in film, waterproof and oil-proof, environmental protection and safety,support customization.

Burger Box Hamburger Packing Box Hamburger Box Burning Box ,use food grade kraft cardboard material, can contact with food directly, easy to use. The unique seal design, has the strong seal, the anti-overflow, the anti-channeling flavor and so on characteristic, may prevent the food to be polluted, the soup juice leakage, effectively extended the food freshness preservation period. In the process of production and use of human body is non-toxic, no side effects. However, the quality requirements for raw materials are higher, and the cost increases accordingly. It is convenient to use, low cost, has been widely used in the catering industry. Because use paper material to make, can recycle use already thereby, and do not cause serious environmental pollution, have higher environmental protection value.

Scope of application: supermarket, family, fast food restaurant, convenience store.

Product advantages :
1. The material is environment-friendly and safe
2. Portable design, portable packaging;
3.Built-in film, waterproof and oil-proof
4. Complete technology, support customization

Item No. Size Material Package
FFCC10 187*90mm food grade kraft cardboard 1700pcs/ctn
FFCC11 140*80*57mm 600pcs/ctn
FFCC12 180*80*35mm 1800pcs/ctn
FFCC18 116*114*88mm 600pcs/ctn
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