Camouflage anti-smash breathable work shoes

This product is calledCamouflage anti-smash breathable work shoes. The colors are camouflage green and camouflage blue. Fashion flying weaving, anti-smashing, anti-scratch, wear-resistant anti-slip. Cool feet, light and breathable. Protective and safe, stylish and comfortable.

Labor shoes are shoes that protect the feet. It has many functions such as protecting the toes, preventing puncture, insulation, acid and alkali resistance. The choice should be based on the nature of the hazard and the extent of the hazard in the work environment. Safety shoes also play the same role.

Product introduction: 1. Built-in steel toe cap to protect the toes from injury. 2. Rubber outsole, wear-resistant and non-slip. 3. Flying woven mesh surface, soft texture, comfortable and breathable 4. The inner lining is wear-resistant mesh, comfortable and breathable. 5. Function: anti-drop, anti-piercing, non-slip, waterproof and breathable 6. The shoes are light and soft, can prevent all kinds of sharp objects from piercing, and can be twisted and twisted at will. 7. Haipoli insole is breathable, comfortable, breathable and soft. 8. Attention to detail, fine seams 9. Braided laces, wear-resistant 10. Anti-collision shock-absorbing heel

product advantages:
1. Flying mesh surface, soft texture
2. Insole is breathable and comfortable
3. Rubber outsole
4. Anti-collision shock absorber heel
5. The laces are strong and flexible
6. Anti-drop, anti-piercing, anti-slip
7. Built-in steel toe cap to protect the toes

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36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46


Blue, Green, Gray


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