Color Double foldable aluminum alloy commode chair

Color Double foldable aluminum alloy commode chair

is a dual-purpose foldable aluminum commode chair. Take a bath and take a seat. Aluminum alloy, bearing weight up to 360 kg. High rebound waterproof soft cushion, thickened and widened, not buttocks, easy to clean, a clean and clean. The commode can be pumped before and after, and can be lifted. The overall is strong and comfortable. Usually can be used as a sofa chair, even if placed in the living room, it is completely invisible to be a toilet seat, practical and beautiful. The soft seat cushion effectively relieves constipation, and also makes a bath and a toilet. 360-degree all-round leakage prevention, the biggest relief from the trouble of cleaning. Newly upgraded aluminum alloy bold flat tube series. The wheel has a silent rear wheel with brakes. The real material is cast to good quality, and the high-quality aluminum material 6061F is used, and the thickness of the partial load-bearing pipe wall reaches 1.5MM. Waterproof, sturdy, lightweight and durable. Load bearing test up to 360 kg.

Have you seen a walker that can be used as a toilet? Take a bath, sit and help the three-in-one walker. Use function analysis: 1. The toilet can be pumped before and after, and can be lifted. 2. Comfortable and user-friendly design, soft armrests and more comfortable arm placement. 3. Curved thick backrest for a more comfortable fit. 4. A reasonable height to solve the troubles of the kneeling. 5. Easy to fold with one button for easy storage. Press the install button and rotate the shelf in the opposite direction. 6. With wheels can be implemented, it is convenient to move patients, and distribution safety is guaranteed. 7. 3-foot silent small wheel, the sound is small, no interruption, and the rear wheel can brake more safely. 8. Reinforced rods have been added on both sides for a more stable implementation.

Applicable occasions: 1. Washroom: When the toilet booster is used, the height can be adjusted, and it can be used as a booster on the household porcelain toilet.
2. Bedroom: placed at the edge of the bed, you can get out of the bed to get into the toilet, solve the problem of frequent nights.
3. Ward, public toilets: squat toilets become toilets, solve the problem of squatting, with splash-proof and prevent spillage, straight drains, no leakage of urine.Interpretation of details: 1. EVA backrest widened, comfortable and durable. 2. Memory sponge seat plate, high rebound does not deform. 3. Ergonomic soft leather armrests, PP with non-slip texture. 4. Thickened with lid can be lifted, sealed design, with a bottomless splash bucket. 5. 5 heights can be adjusted to meet different heights, one button adjustable 6. Upgraded non-slip mats, contact surface diameter of 55MM, built-in steel, wear-resistant anti-slip.

Taking care of your loved ones, are you experiencing the following conditions? There is a pregnant wife at home, and it is dangerous to go to the toilet. The old man is old and the toilet is a big deal. I have been sick for a long time, and I have to cry on the toilet. The legs and feet are inconvenient, and the toilet needs more help. They are very short of a bath chair. At this time, you need it to help you solve the problem.
According to the survey, people who can use the walker need a toilet and a bath chair. Thrift is a virtue, so we have developed a walker that integrates the walker, toilet and shower chair to save money! This is the most intimate gift for your loved ones. Don’t let the old man stay at home.

Product advantages
1. EVA backrest widened, comfortable and durable
2. Aluminum alloy main frame, thickened pipe, stable and light
3. The commode can be pumped before and after, and can be lifted.
4. Bathing, sitting, and assisting three functions
5. High quality aluminum alloy
6. Height adjustable for different heights
7. Increase the deepening of the commode
8. Strong bearing capacity
9. Non-slip mat, built-in steel, wear-resistant anti-slip

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