Cotton Wool Gloves

Cotton Wool Gloves, selected high-quality cotton, cotton material is comfortable and breathable, wear-resistant, anti-static. Comfortable and beautiful to wear.

Cotton Wool Gloves.It has good tear resistance and anti-friction properties. It does not rebound immediately after the tension is expanded, and the fatigue of the hands can be alleviated. Advanced spinning equipment makes even and delicate gloves, so it does not cause allergic reactions. The shape of the glove is designed according to the human hand, with great sensitivity, excellent tensile properties and puncture resistance, high tensile strength and excellent wear resistance. Exquisite seaming, comfortable to wear, not easy to off-line, effectively improve work efficiency. Prominent anti-bacterial, anti-viral penetration function. High-quality fabric can greatly improve the comfort of the product, no allergic reaction to human skin, non-toxic, harmless and tasteless. The selection of formula, advanced technology, soft touch, comfortable and non-slip, flexible operation.
Scope of application: traffic command, jewelry identification, security etiquette, guard of honor, military parade

Product advantages:
1. Anti-slip, anti-friction
2. No allergic reaction to human skin, non-toxic, harmless, tasteless
3. Good pull and durable
4. With anti-static function

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