Customizable Disposable Chinese Tableware Package

Customizable Disposable Chinese Tableware Package. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards,  various disposable paper-based daily necessities have emerged in an endless stream, and many kinds of household papers for various occasions have been continuously introduced.
Customizable Disposable Chinese Tableware Package has various specifications, which can meet the different needs of different customers. The materials are carefully selected, beautifully packaged and convenient to use.
Three-piece suit: napkin, chopsticks, toothpick
Four-piece set: individual bags, wipes, spoons, toothpicks
Five-piece set: cutlery set, paper towel, chopsticks, spoon, toothpick
Chopsticks: Bamboo fiber is dense, burr-free, not easy to break, no paraffin polishing
PP spoon: PP safety plastic and high temperature resistance, good toughness and easy to break
Bamboo Toothpick: A single-headed toothpick with an outer packaging that is carefully polished.
Paper towels: no bleaching zero additive, automatic mechanical packaging
Product advantages
1. Variety of styles, can be customized
2. Independent packaging, convenient and practical
3. Exquisite design, beautiful and generous

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Three-Piece Suit Red Taste, Three-Piece Suit spot, Three-Piece Suit Brown Chopsticks Set, Three-Piece Suit Black Taste, Three-Piece Suit White Taste, Four-Piece Set Black, Four-Piece Set Red Taste, Four-Piece Set Happy Fullness, Four-Piece Set Fushe, Four-Piece Set Floating, Five-Piece Suit Black Bear


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